9/11: Super-lucky that it was President George W. Bush

Sadly, we did not hear from President George W. Bush at the GOP convention.  I understand that the Bush family and Pres. Trump had their problems, but he should have spoken.

We mark another anniversary of 9/11, the most significant day of our generation.

My biggest "9/11 morning memory" was thinking about my wife, my three sons in school, and everybody else in the family.

I remember watching the second plane hit the tower around 8 A.M. Central Time.  It was absolutely stunning to watch two passenger planes hit the World Trade Center.  By the way, I had been in those buildings for business calls several times.  I recall the stunning views from an office in one of the upper floors.

A few minutes later, my wife walked in from taking the boys to school.

I told my wife that something bad was happening and that we should be prepared to pick up the kids in school at a moment's notice.

Like most fathers, I was concerned that there were other attacks pending, especially in a major city like Dallas.  We have lots of tall buildings and a nuclear plant in the area.

It was a very scary day and one that brought a lot of families together.  It certainly made us appreciate each other and the value of human life.

My worst memory of that day was watching people jump to their deaths.  It was heartbreaking to watch human beings choose between jumping from the 90th floor and burning to death.

9/11...it seems as though it was just yesterday!

Last but not least, we were very lucky that day that President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney were at the helm.  I believe that their reaction and commitment to defending the homeland were superb.

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Image: Pixabay.

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