Yard signs are the credo for globalists

Traveling through the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, you see yard signs scattered lightly through the neighborhood.  Talking with the owners, you learn that many "like the words" from the sign but admit they don't know what the various groups represented actually stand for.

Who can disagree with the phrase "black lives matter"?  But when you put a sign in your yard, you're not just sharing nice words; you're promoting political groups with very specific agendas that go far beyond nice phrases.

"Black Lives Matter" actually means black lives matter more than other lives.  If you say "all lives matter," you're a racist.  But it's not black lives that matter to this organization, only black lives taken by the police that can be exploited for political gain and to incite violence.

Hiram Reisner from InsideSources looked into the facts: "The group Black Lives Matter says nothing about black lives lost in inner cities due to rampant violence.  Since 2015, The Washington Post has maintained a comprehensive database of fatal police shootings.  The Post database shows that fatal shootings by police have run steadily at around 1,000 per year since 2015."

Heather Mac Donald writes in the Wall Street Journal, "However sickening the video of Floyd's arrest, it isn't representative of the 375 million annual contacts that police officers have with civilians.  A solid body of evidence finds no structural bias in the criminal justice system with regard to arrests, prosecution or sentencing.  Crime and suspect behavior, not race, determine most police actions."

But what about the thousands of black children and young adults killed in inner cities?  Isn't that important to Black Lives Matter?  Don't all black lives matter?

And does BLM actually want to solve the problem it claims as its reason for existence?  A police reform bill was introduced in the Senate, and, under pressure from BLM, the Democrats wouldn't even bring it onto the floor for discussion.

The actual BLM organization has strong Marxist ties, and its real agenda is to tear down the United States.

Each of the remaining items on the yard sign has a similar story.  The words sound good, but the mission of the group saying the words is much different.

"No Human is Illegal" sounds like "all people are good and shouldn't be persecuted" but really means "the United States should have no borders."  Everyone, regardless of poor health, a criminal background, or his inability to be a productive member of society, should be allowed into our country and be given free health care, free schooling for their children, and free college education and be allowed to vote.  These are things all American citizens pay for.  Compassion is a great thing, but how many "foreign guests" would we invite to live here?  Ten million?  Twenty-five million?  One hundred million?

"Love is Love" is another pleasant-sounding phrase, but it is the motto for the LGBT community that pretty much advocates "love" in any form.  And don't forget the bathroom issue.  Do you want your daughter sharing a bathroom with a guy because today he "feels like he's a girl"?

"Women's Rights are Human Rights."  That's one everyone can agree with, but not if you insist that all sex references are sexist, and words containing the letters "m-a-n" should be expunged from our language and their usage become a criminal offense or cost you your job.

"Science is Real" is the mantra of the global warming crowd.  They are saying that since "97% of scientists agree" that global warming is a problem that threatens the survival of our planet, it must be true and no one should dare question it.  In 1975, the same scientists proclaimed that the Earth was cooling and we were heading into an ice age.  Even if global warming were true, their solution, the Paris Climate Accords, tied the United States to massive money transfers, spending trillions of dollars to reduce emissions, while the largest polluters, China and India, were left totally exempt.  If all the money was spent, these scientists could only predict that the Earth's temperature would be reduced by less than 1°C.

"Water is Life" is another nice phrase.  But the "save our water" bureaucrats use their regulations to control every square foot of land, including puddles, promoting rules and regulations that restrict economic growth without actually increasing the supply of fresh water. 

"Injustice Anywhere Is a Threat to Justice Everywhere" sounds great.  It's actually from a speech by Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr. and is used by the social justice movement to demand equality for all, especially when it involves taking money from those who have it and giving it to those who don't.  They advocate the $15 (now $25) minimum wage (even though it would put more low-wage workers out of a job than it would help), preferential treatment for minorities in higher education (regardless of their qualifications), and mandatory minority representation on corporate boards.

As you read this sign, you realize its similarity to a religious creed.  "We believe..."

This sign is the entire globalist agenda boiled down to 29 words.  Their God is the Earth itself.  People who have been oppressed in the past should have the right to extra benefits at the expense of the descendants of those who oppressed them.  This includes blacks, women, foreign citizens and gays.  Rich countries should be forced to pay less fortunate countries, and their borders should be left wide open.

There are no morals or freedom of religion - no reference to family, hard work, entrepreneurship, free speech or open-mindedness.  If you disagree with our peaceful message, you are less than human and should lose your job and be threatened with violence.

But the globalist agenda is not their plan of action, but pleasant words they use to enlist uninformed people as pawns in their quest for world control. 

While the words are nice, it's like a contract with terms that sound too good to be true, until you read the fine print and it's too late.

Image credit: Lorie Shaull via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 2.0.

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