With Herman Cain’s death, Maxine Waters again shows her mean lack of class

The inimitable, ebullient, brilliant, and conservative Herman Cain passed away on Thursday. Cain, who was 74-years-old and a Stage IV cancer survivor with a compromised immune system, could not fight the Wuhan virus. Some might blame his death on bad luck, or age and illness, or even on the Chinese Communist government, which allowed this disease to spread across the world. Rep. Maxine Waters, though, knew precisely where the blame lay: With Cain himself. From the moment Cain’s illness was made public, the leftist narrative has been that Cain because he was a conservative Trump supporter, was also a “COVID denier.” For that reason, they said, he deserved to get sick. Moreover, judging by the awful things leftists have said on social media (which I won’t repeat here), he deserved to die. Although, frankly, whenever conservatives die, the religion that is leftism concludes that they deserved their deaths for violating the teachings of the Church of...(Read Full Post)
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