With Herman Cain’s death, Maxine Waters again shows her mean lack of class

The inimitable, ebullient, brilliant, and conservative Herman Cain passed away on Thursday. Cain, who was 74-years-old and a Stage IV cancer survivor with a compromised immune system, could not fight the Wuhan virus. Some might blame his death on bad luck, or age and illness, or even on the Chinese Communist government, which allowed this disease to spread across the world. Rep. Maxine Waters, though, knew precisely where the blame lay: With Cain himself.

From the moment Cain’s illness was made public, the leftist narrative has been that Cain because he was a conservative Trump supporter, was also a “COVID denier.” For that reason, they said, he deserved to get sick. Moreover, judging by the awful things leftists have said on social media (which I won’t repeat here), he deserved to die. Although, frankly, whenever conservatives die, the religion that is leftism concludes that they deserved their deaths for violating the teachings of the Church of Marxism.

Maxine Waters, however, isn’t just any old leftist. She is, instead, a member of the House of Representatives, where she has held a seat for 29 years. When she speaks, she arguably does so on behalf of all Americans, and she most certainly does so on behalf of those Los Angeles voters who sent her to Washington, D.C.

Herman Cain was a human dynamo. Born in the Jim Crow South, he had a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and then earned a Master’s degree in computer science while he was a civilian ballistics analyst for the Navy. From there, Cain entered the corporate world where he was a huge success, after which he served as chairman of the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City Omaha Branch.

Cain sought the Republican presidential nomination in 2012. He was so threatening to the Democrats that they instantly accused him of sexual harassment, a charge that vanished the moment he dropped out of the race. That didn’t stop him, as he continued to be involved in politics, worked hard to help blacks escape from the political plantation that is the Democrat party, and strongly supported Trump. The video below gives a little insight into the amazing man he was:

Here is what Rep. Waters had to say about the passing of one of the most successful men, white or black, in America:

At Herman Cain’s website, his long-time colleague, Dan Calabrese, calls it “nonsense” that Cain was a virus denier:

First of all, Herman certainly never said COVID was a hoax. (And for the record, neither did the president. What he said is that Democrats and the media would perpetrate a hoax by lying about the administration’s response to the virus. He never said the virus itself was a hoax.)

To get a sense of Herman’s stance on COVID, all you have to do is watch the first few seconds of any of his recent shows. I’ve embedded one at the top of this page to make it easy for you. Even as early as June 11 when the show above aired, Herman was kicking off every broadcast by asking people to wash/sanitize their hands, social-distance (when did that become a complex verb?) and yes, wear masks.


He wore a mask and he told others to wear a mask. On every broadcast. Right at the start.

Now, a lot of people have mentioned that he was photographed at the Tulsa Trump rally without a mask on. That’s true. And from that, a lot of people have claimed it’s an established fact that this is where he contracted the virus. As we’ve discussed before, we don’t know where he contracted [it], but we do know that he traveled extensively in the week he was diagnosed. He was on planes going between several cities.

It’s not impossible he contracted it at the Tulsa rally. But most of us on his team tend to think it happened on one of the plane trips, or possibly during his stop in Las Vegas.

The phrase “speak nothing but good of the dead” goes back 2,600 years. It’s easy to say good things about Cain, for he was both a good man and a great man. The polite prohibition against saying bad things about the dead doesn’t apply to Maxine Waters, who is alive and kicking. Therefore, let me say that, if only because of her sugary viciousness about Cain, Waters is a loathsome harridan and an embarrassment to both the House of Representatives and the people of America.

Image: YouTube screengrab

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