When socialists fight: Cuomo vs. de Blasio as good a reason as any to escape from New York

His city's economy in ruins, New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio can think of nothing better than to tell wealthy already-fleeing New Yorkers to get the heck out out. There will always be more like them. Mayor Bill de Blasio has dismissed rich New Yorkers who fled the city as 'fairweather friends' and said their taxes should be raised - days after Governor Cuomo begged the city's top 1 percent to return to prop up its ailing finances.  Swarms of wealthy residents fled New York when the city went into lockdown in March and became the coronavirus epicenter of the world. Despite the city reopening and bringing the outbreak under control, New York has failed to lure back its richest residents with many upping sticks altogether for areas where they can enjoy lower rent and taxes.  And here's why: 'I was troubled to hear this concept that because wealthy people have a set of concerns about the city that we should...(Read Full Post)
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