Was that AOC nomination of Bernie Sanders an embittered slap at the Joe Biden Democrats or just a formality?

On Joe Biden's big night at the Democratic Convention, where the roll call was taken and the former vice president got the Democratic nomination, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's one-minute speaking slot ended on a startling note:

 ... in espirito del pueblo and out of a love for all people, I hereby second the nomination of Senator Bernard Sanders for president of the United States of America.

Did the socialist "it" girl say "Sanders"?  Really?  On the night everyone was celebrating Joe?

So much for party unity.  She must have been mad as heck over that one-minute speaking slot.  But yes, she said it, check it out, the transcript is here.

This certainly created a stir.  In the Democrats' infomercial-style convention to promote Joe Biden, she was calling on Democrats to vote for the other guy.

A flurry of disbelief and disgust among Democrats rolled across Twitter as a result.

Talk about sending a mixed message.  "Vote for Joe"?  Or is it "vote for Bernie"?

It sure as heck looked like "Vote for Bernie," and forget about all the hoopla for Joe.  Bad look, a lot of them said.

Ocasio-Cortez hastened to clarify the record, explaining that her move was just procedural.

ABC News clarified the move, too, since plenty of people were thrown off.

But it was still suspicious stuff.  After all, she endorsed Bernie for her huge televised speech seen by a national audience and then endorsed Biden for her much smaller social media audience.

She also did a lot to draw attention to herself.  She sported a stylish new look for the TV appearance, scrapping her signature red lipstick and moving to a flattering new mulberry color, matching her expensive-looking asymmetrical-design dress, her hair in a classic Latina updo.  That magnified the attention to her, and along with that her call to vote for Bernie.

Here's another thing: her one-minute speech sounded as though it had been written by the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), not herself.  There was no bio-material in it to draw the low-information voters in; it was pure programmatic abstractions before the Bernie punch line at the end:

It sounded as though it had been written by an actual communist committee, focused on including every special interest group...social, economic and human rights...guaranteed health care, higher education, living wages and labor rights for all...racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia...mass evictions, unemployment, and lack of health care...and ranting with big abstractions.  It's always a laundry list for the far left, always a fear of leaving something or someone out.  On the far left, there's no such thing as an antiwar rally without it also being a lesbian rights, women's rights, anti-poverty, anti-prison, anti-racism rally as well.  The one thing you can conclude from it is that Ocasio-Cortez for sure is well versed in the ways of the far left.  Her DSA buddies probably wrote the thing.

And what do Ocasio-Cortez's DSA buddies say about Joe Biden?  That they hate him to the bottom of their red socialist souls.  Just take a look at how they talk about him on the San Francisco DSA club's Twitter feed.  All of the DSA clubs are like that.  To them, the primaries meant nothing; Bernie was all that mattered to them.  And they hate Biden insanely. 

So now Ocasio-Cortez does that Bernie thing with everyone looking at her, and we're all supposed to think it was procedural, not a sign of spinning-apart party unity? 

Color me skeptical, given the other factors cited above.  As this tweeter noted:

Image credit: The Hill, shareable Twitter screen shot.

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