Trump vs. mail-in voting

While the media are bashing President Trump for withholding funding for the U.S. Postal Service, here's what they are not telling you: Democratic governors across the country are taking advantage of the pandemic to do something they have wanted to do for years — unilaterally rewrite election laws to make voting by mail easier, something that will lead to negligence or fraud.

As the WSJ put it recently after reciting real-life examples of ballots being delivered to non-residents, there are "a cavalcade of problems with vote by mail.  There's no way of knowing how many nonresidents will receive ballots they're not legally allowed to cast.  There is no way to confirm how many eligible voters don't receive ballots, how many dead people receive ballots, how many people receive multiple ballots, how many ballots actually make it through the mail in time, and how many ballots aren't delivered to the place where they're to be counted." 

These governors are taking such actions via "emergency" executive orders, without input from the state's residents (the Legislature), even though they had plenty of time to convene legislative sessions.  The governors' actions are illegal, not Trump's. 

This is but the latest in a series of Democrat and media attempts to undermine Trump's presidency and remove him without the will of the people.  Other examples include (1) the Obama/Biden administration's spying on his campaign and then setting traps for his administration once it took office; (2) the Russian Collusion Investigation Hoax, which consumed two years of his presidency; (3) the failed impeachment; (4) blocking his actions through seeking improper national injunctions; (5) constant illegal leaks by career bureaucrats (the administrative state). 

Now they are trying to rig the election through a process that will lead to illegal ballots being cast. 

President Trump, stand your ground.

Josh Kantrow is a Chicago cyber-security lawyer.

Image: Scott McLeod

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