Trump boxes Democrats into a corner on help for the unemployed

President Trump has given the Democrats a surprise thrashing, hoisting them with their own petard over stimulus payments in what must be the legislative jiu-jitsu of the year.

According to Fox News's Liz Peek:

Furious that Democrat leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer were blocking a bill to help Americans through the COVID-19 crisis, President Trump stepped up and got the job done, all by himself.

Over the weekend, he issued four executive orders that would extend modified unemployment relief to millions who are out of work, protect many from eviction from their homes, provide continued relief from student loan debt and suspend payroll taxes for employers and those earning less than $100,000. It may not be enough, but it was more than Democrats were offering.

Of course they're furious — they've been outwitted and are now sitting in the manure of their own political games-playing.  Stephen Moore calls it a "game changer."

They had their chance to pass a stimulus bill that would have helped the unemployed, but for them, first things first: they held that package hostage to the all-important need, for them, of bailing out mismanaged blue Democrat cites and their unions.  The little guy's $400 weekly unemployment check booster would have to wait.  Plus, multi-millionaire Pelosi pooh-poohed those checks as "an illusion," same as she did the news that workers were getting $1,000 raises during the Trump boom years, calling those "crumbs."  Any money to the little guy is always something of a joke to her.  What's the little guy's need for rent or food help compared to bailing out Big Unions and their bloated pensions going bust?

And here's Chuck Schumer, according to Vox:

"The president's executive orders described in one word could be: 'Paltry.' In three words: 'Unworkable, weak and far-too-narrow,'" Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said on ABC's This Week on Sunday. "As the American people look at these executive orders, they'll see they don't come close to doing the job in two ways: One, what they propose, second, what's left out."

Paltry it may be; the sad fact remains that the Democrats were offering nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g.  Not unless they could get their mismanaged, overspending blue cities bailed out and the same way of mismanaging affairs could go on forever.

Now they're talking lawsuits to stop those checks to the desperately unemployed thrown out of work by the Democrats' COVID lockdowns, a really bad look for Democrats, and sure enough, Trump was waiting for them at the pass on that one, too, throwing them another roundhouse kick.

Here's how Democratic senator Dick Durbin said they were taking it, when asked by talking head Chuck Todd about it on Sunday:

"This is a moral dilemma," Durbin responded. "We want unemployed people to receive benefits. We never wanted them cut off at all. So I'm not going to suggest that we run out to court at this point. I think some will. There will be some challenges."

"This country club fix suggested by the president is going to be a cut in the unemployment benefits for 30 million Americans," Durbin contended. "It's either going to be cut from $600 to $400 or from $600 to zero where it is right now if the president's executive orders don't stand."

The lawsuit issue is also a loser for Democrats for a second reason — the stink they made about DACA and President Trump's bid to end President Obama's executive order on the matter, taking it up and down the courts, with the courts insisting that the executive order stand.  Now Democrats are going to go to court to yank $400 checks from the unemployed in contradiction to their stance on DACA?  According to RedState, here's how untenable it is for Democrats:

So Trump did what Obama did, only with an added degree of cunning.  Not only did he sign 4 Executive Orders that have little or no political downside, he now has the Democrats in Congress in a position to having to advocate for eliminating relief to the unemployed, students, and workers — and maybe even compelling them to go to court in an effort to block the relief from getting to those who need it.

Are these bold unilateral steps Pres. Trump has taken, possibly infringing on the authority of Congress to pass tax & spending measures?


I think the Democrats should go to court to find out.

Trump has always been good at reading the political landscape, and he understands the urgency at hand for the unemployed — they can't go a week without a meager paycheck the way Nancy Pelosi can.  In issuing the order and daring the Dems to stop him, take him to court, come on out and yank those checks while offering a pie-in-the-sky solution that includes blue-city bailouts, Trump has completed a masterstroke.  Hope they like the view up there; they've got no one to blame now but themselves.

Image credit: PikRepo, public domain.

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