Trouble: One out of four Democrats thinks their party platform stinks

Democrats put on the broad face of party unity at their convention, but don't be fooled: One of four voted against the party platform  -- not because it's too crazy, but because it not socialist enough. That presents a dilemma for tired old Joe Biden.

According to Emily Zanotti at the Daily Wire:

Democrats are more divided than they appear according to numbers released by the Democratic National Committee following their nominating convention last week.

Fox News reports that of the 5,000 delegates that voted on the party’s platform, widely recognized as the most progressive Democratic Party platform in years, more than a thousand delegates — around 25% of all attendees — voted against the decision to approve the party’s official policies.

They still don't know what they agree on. And the Bernie faction, which is responsible for much of the 1,000 against, doesn't think it's far-left enough.

The Democratic Party seems to have bent over backwards to accommodate them - this explains the calls for higher taxes, continous COVID lockdown as a means of public control, an end to fracking, "free" education, "free" health care, open borders, and much of the green new deal lunacies embedded within the party platform. But at the same time, the Democrats seem to be wearing the Bernie platform as a skin suit - they rigged their primaries repeatedly to stiff Bernie of the victory he might have gotten. And that's what really bothers the Bernie-ites. It may well explain why they refuse to sign on to the far-left platform despite its extremist calls.

Joe himself, though, is not a real moderate, though he plays one on TV. He's a guy who believes in nothing, has gone along with this miserable platform in a bid to win power, and now seeks to package this mess through his candidacy as in one of his earlier guises, that of a moderate. That's a title he claimed years, when it was fashionable. He can pretty well look anywhere in his past to come up with a left, right, or centrist image he's played them all. His shifting stances over 47 years in public office have been so amorphous he has nothing to show for it. 

The moderate stance of course is to win the mainstream voters - independents, undecideds, moderate Republicans who hate Trump. Yet his rear flank among the extremists remains up in arms, their convention votes signaling that they can't even fake it. Their disapproval of the platform may easily translate into a refusal to vote for Biden at all. They aren't impressed with 'cop' Kamala Harris, and some must think Joe's going to lose anyway, so why bother.

They will continue to push Biden left, but they will never be satisfied. That ought to be a warning to Republicans and independents on just how far the Democrats might go if goodness forbid, he somehow wins power.



Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of two images by Gage Skidmore, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0. Enhanced with FotoSketcher.



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