Those ‘faith leaders’ who endorse Biden and Harris reveal their moral laziness

All socialist countries wage war on God, who is always the state’s main competitor. Nevertheless, some people still manage to believe in God but side with a socialist candidate. The most recent example is the more than 350 self-labeled ‘faith leaders’ from multiple religions who endorsed Biden and Harris, claiming that they have the “moral clarity” that will “restore the soul of this nation.” It’s becoming sadly apparent that even religious people today want to farm out their obligations to the state.

The Religion News Services writes (hat tip Daily Wire):

According to a list shared exclusively with Religion News Service by organizers, the mass endorsement will come from a diverse slate of religious leaders, many of whom are backing a candidate publicly for the first time.

The Rev. Fred Davie, a Presbyterian minister and executive vice president of Union Theological Seminary in New York, was the chief organizer of the endorsements. “Our country is at an historic inflection point and in desperate need of moral leadership,” he said in a statement to RNS. “This election presents a stark moral contrast between the common good values of the Biden-Harris agenda and the divisiveness of the current administration.”


“It’s because I believe so strongly that this country can be what it’s always said it was, and has always yet failed to be,” Bolz-Weber told RNS in an interview. “It’s almost a form of patriotism in the sense that I believe in the true spirit of Christianity so strongly that I will not abandon the faith to those who use it as a camouflage for self-interest and small-mindedness. In the same way, I believe the spirit of what America has always said it is about, and will not abandon this country to those who support policies that are based in small-mindedness and self-interest.”

Rev. Bolz Weber exemplifies the leftism of those “faith leaders” (endnotes omitted):

One third of her church is part of the LGBT community, and she also has a “Minister of Fabulousness”, Stuart, who is a drag queen.


A feminist, in 2018 she called for women to send her their purity rings to be melted down into a vagina sculpture as part of healing the psychic damage of the purity movement of the 1990s.

Though they are all leftists, I’m willing to give these faith leaders the benefit of the doubt by accepting that they believe in God. Their problem is that they’re unwilling to do the hard personal work that their faith demands, whether living by their religion’s dictates or convincing others to do so.

After all, the Jewish Bible, in Leviticus, imposes stringent moral and practical requirements on the faithful. Likewise, the New Testament, while abandoning the rituals of the Jewish faith, continues the same demanding moral pressure. It’s not enough to believe; you have to act as if you believe.

Leftists, however, farm out moral action to the state the same way that you or I might hire a housekeeper or gardener. We want our home and garden to be lovely, but we’re unwilling to do the labor ourselves and pay others to do the hard work. However, because we’re neither leftists nor are we the government, complete with its police power, we don’t make our neighbor pay or force him to hire housekeepers and gardeners. 

An example of this leftist belief that all redemption flows from the state also showed up in a letter that an anonymous leftist wrote:

The letter entirely abjures personal responsibility for moral acts. Instead, to be good, you must support the state. The writer cannot comprehend a world in which someone can profess faith but believe it is a personal obligation and not something the government should enforce (with weapons, if necessary), and the community must subsidize.

For leftists, God is real, but religion is a civic obligation. The irony, of course, is that these same people loudly castigate as dangerous, because they’re violating the separation of church and state, those conservatives who openly voice their belief in God, but argue that it’s up to them, not the state, to exhibit the moral virtues and compassion their faith demand.

To “faith leaders,” it’s all about taxpayer funds and government coercion. Because Biden will continue to farm out faith, it’s easy for them to see “moral clarity” in a financially corrupt man, who helped spy on an incoming president, and who chose as his veep a marginally competent woman who slept her way to the middle.

And please, don’t counter what I just said with anti-Trump “whataboutism.” The Judeo-Christian faith supports repentance and redemption. Trump is not the man he was even ten years ago. Meanwhile, Biden and Harris unapologetically support unlimited abortion and have no remorse for their past immoral or corrupt acts.

Image: President Trump’s first 100 days, from the White House Flickr feed; public domain.

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