The savage immaturity of the left and their proxies in the streets

Everyone, even Democrats, can agree that the DNC convention was an embarrassing bust, a poorly produced concoction of vapidity, anger, and wrath.  They overdid the "let's make everyone afraid of COVID" bit, no audiences, masks on everyone even when alone on a stage.  It was a joke perpetrated by people who, to the core of their beings, think the American people are really stupid. This core belief, that they can stupefy and manipulate us all, is why they produced a ridiculous COVID-fearful four-night convention so boring that no one watched it...because it was unwatchable.  John Kerry?  Bill Clinton?  John Kasich?  Bernie Sanders?  Who on this planet cares about anything these corruptocrats have to say?  No one, not even the current crop of apoplectic Trump-haters, especially those among the media.  The entire endeavor was a joke born of the left's contempt for...(Read Full Post)
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