The savage immaturity of the left and their proxies in the streets

Everyone, even Democrats, can agree that the DNC convention was an embarrassing bust, a poorly produced concoction of vapidity, anger, and wrath.  They overdid the "let's make everyone afraid of COVID" bit, no audiences, masks on everyone even when alone on a stage.  It was a joke perpetrated by people who, to the core of their beings, think the American people are really stupid.

This core belief, that they can stupefy and manipulate us all, is why they produced a ridiculous COVID-fearful four-night convention so boring that no one watched it...because it was unwatchable.  John Kerry?  Bill Clinton?  John Kasich?  Bernie Sanders?  Who on this planet cares about anything these corruptocrats have to say?  No one, not even the current crop of apoplectic Trump-haters, especially those among the media.  The entire endeavor was a joke born of the left's contempt for middle America.  They actually think that by making common cause with Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they can win.

Now that we've seen and reveled in the joyous tone of the RNC convention, the abyss between the two parties is writ gloriously large.  The left is angry and rattled because it's lost its grip on the power it's always taken for granted, even when there was a Republican in the White House.

Leftists are not running the show; Trump is, and his attempt to drain the swamp is making inroads, despite all their treasonous efforts to destroy the man and his presidency.  The ferocity of their hate for Trump has led them to reveal their inner souls, and it is not a pretty picture.  They are an ugly bunch.  The termagant Nancy Pelosi charges that Trump and his supporters are "enemies of the state"!  How is that for projection?

Now she is advising Biden not to debate Trump.  Of course, she is; like everyone else, she knows that Biden is cognitively unable to debate the president.  Pelosi and her partners in crimes against America have done incalculable damage to this country, to their own cities, and to the Constitution itself.  If Biden were to win, who would be running the country?  Certainly not no-show Joe.  Joe is done, over.  He belongs at home with a caregiver.

But Biden will not be the face of the presidency; he is going to lose, probably badly.  The magnificence of the RNC convention, the overpowering profundity of each and every speaker, exposed the sheer vacuity of the Democrat party as currently constituted.  It is not only vacuous, but thoroughly deranged.  For months, they have actually believed that the riots in the streets would help them defeat Trump!  So besotted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, both violent Marxist organizations, they forgot to remember the precise meaning of the word "civilization."

This kind of violent protest got Nixon elected in a landslide.  Perhaps they counted on two generations of leftist indoctrination to serve them well, but no, it won't.  Most Americans still favor law and order over barbarity and bloodshed.  They do not look kindly on their small businesses being destroyed by thugs in the euphemistic name of "peaceful protests" and "systemic racism."

Just who are the racists?  The oh, so intolerant left and the Democrats who refuse to condemn their monstrous behavior.  Consider the cruel attacks on those leaving the White House after the final convention event.  The inept mayor of D.C. allowed this; she loves it.  She thinks it will reverberate in her favor.  Like the mayors of Seattle, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles and the governors of New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, California, and New York, D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser is a fool, willing to sacrifice the safety of her citizens for dangerous political purposes.

What is most distressing are the painfully sophomoric responses by adult leftists.  Bette Midler posted vile comments about Melania's lovely and gracious speech.  She insulted her accent, forgetting apparently that she speaks five languages fluently.  The always execrable Joe Lockhart of Clinton administration infamy (the Obamas bought his D.C. Kalorama mansion) stupidly went after Nick Sandmann, the eighteen-year-old our disgusting media unfairly eviscerated in 2018.  He has had the last laugh.  Lockhart is a childish, smug bully in adult clothing, and he is one of many such jerks on the left.  Rob Reiner, Rosie O'Donnell, Stephen King, Kathy Griffin, and their lot all exposed themselves for being the ill mannered, malicious people they are.  Yamiche Alcindor of PBS tweeted an attack on the young, wheelchair-bound Madison Cawthorn for standing up at the end of his short speech.  She said his standing was an insult to social justice warriors!  Jake Tapper melted down, calling the last night of the convention a "super-spreader event."  Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid cannot bear to hear good words about our nation.  They and their media clones hate this country and are severely triggered by those of us who love it.  The loathsome Joe and Mika? Well, there are really no words to adequately describe their mendacity. Do any of these people have children? I hope not for they are all extremely poor role models.

Kamala Harris delivered a spiteful prebuttal speech that was an embarrassment. She blamed the President for Covid, as though he himself created it. She blamed him for all the deaths despite his very early grasp of the potential seriousness of the virus. She blamed him for the shock to our economy rather than all the Democrat governors who locked down their states in the hope it would hurt Trump. They destroyed the economies of their own states to take out a president they hate!

As for their citizens, their constituents and their small businesses? Too bad. Their sacrifice is the cost of doing the left's bidding. Every word out of Harris's mouth was a lie, every single word. She is a very nasty piece of work and a phony. She will do and/or say whatever it takes to promote herself. She initially encouraged the riots and has even been raising money to bail out the vandals and looters across the nation. One can see that she is dying to cut Biden off at the knees, the sooner the better. He should probably hire a food taster.

These hate-filled people also prove what all conservatives already know, that the Democrat party is viciously intolerant of people with views in opposition to their own. They call black conservatives "Uncle Toms" thinking that is a slur. Clearly, they've not read Beecher Stowe's book Uncle Toms Cabin, for Uncle Tom is the finest character in the novel.

Bottom line? The Democrat party has devolved into a gang of hoodlums. They taunt and demean anyone with whom they disagree, and they enable the violence and the looting in the streets of Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, et. al. or at least they did until Thursday when new talking points were distributed. The polls that show Americans revere their police and expect law and order to be enforced by their elected officials must have come as a shock. 

Are they that clueless, that deluded? Indeed, they are. They prove it each and every day since President Trump was elected. They've been infantilized by their own rage and they increasingly behave like despicably mean middle school bullies. Vernon Jones, the Georgia state rep and former Democrat who supports Trump aptly described the democrat party in his speech on the first night of the RNC convention:

The Democrat party has become infected with a pandemic of intolerance, bigotry, socialism, anti-law enforcement bias, and a dangerous tolerance for people who attack others, destroy their property and terrorize their own communities.

Sad but true. This election actually is the most important since Lincoln's; the choice is between freedom and the soul-numbing imposition of tyrannical socialism.

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