The left's support of barbarity โ€” there is a puppet for every string

Since the death of George Floyd, the incident that ignited the worst and most costly rioting and devastation to Democrat-run cities since the 1960s, not a single Democrat in Congress has spoken out against the violence being perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the clueless, indoctrinated young people whom they have beguiled.  Clearly, the carefully planned strategy of the Democrat party is to stand with the looters and arsonists and implicitly to defend them. For reasons that are entirely mystifying to most Americans, the Democrats seem to believe that their blind support of brutal thugs who delight in destroying the property of others is a winning master plan.  In Chicago, BLM is holding a rally to support those arrested in the looting spree that took place Sunday night; that one did about $60M in damage to the businesses on that city's Magnificent Mile.  BLM organizer Ariel Atkins defended the looting;...(Read Full Post)
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