The left's support of barbarity — there is a puppet for every string

Since the death of George Floyd, the incident that ignited the worst and most costly rioting and devastation to Democrat-run cities since the 1960s, not a single Democrat in Congress has spoken out against the violence being perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and the clueless, indoctrinated young people whom they have beguiled.  Clearly, the carefully planned strategy of the Democrat party is to stand with the looters and arsonists and implicitly to defend them.

For reasons that are entirely mystifying to most Americans, the Democrats seem to believe that their blind support of brutal thugs who delight in destroying the property of others is a winning master plan.  In Chicago, BLM is holding a rally to support those arrested in the looting spree that took place Sunday night; that one did about $60M in damage to the businesses on that city's Magnificent Mile.  BLM organizer Ariel Atkins defended the looting; looting is their reparations!  Witless film business celebrities are raising vast amounts of money to keep the rioters out of jail — not a difficult undertaking, given the Soros-elected D.A.s and prosecutors in many of the affected cities.

Chaos, that old Cloward-Piven prescription for destroying capitalism, is the left's best friend in their view.  It is what they take pleasure in fomenting.  They care not one bit for a civilized society if embracing barbarism can defeat President Trump.  This is what is generally referred to as upside-down thinking; Trump has so deranged the left that they think this ever so faulty reasoning is shrewd!  Their scheme would be amusing if it were not so destructive, so murderous, and so economically devastating.

This is our left today.  Promote violence, ignore the wreckage and the monumental costs to ordinary people, and they empower those aching for an excuse to plunder and blight.  (For much the same reasons, they appear to have looked upon COVID-19 as a blessing, an aid to their agenda.)

The Democrats count on two generations of young people inculcated with the conviction that they are victims of a racist and unequal society to act out, to do their bidding in the streets.  The radicals pull the strings, the puppets cooperate as duly indoctrinated and riot in the streets of cities in which they know they will not be hindered or jailed.

The Democrats smile to themselves, confident that their ploy will see Trump defeated.  They think Twitter is the window onto the world!

Aside from endorsing violence as their path to victory, their other defining characteristic is their notion that all Americans outside of their superior and elevated realm are extraordinarily stupid and easily manipulated.  They are certain they that their crafty blueprint for the implementation of their authoritarian socialist dream is working, and it is with far too many people, mostly young college-educated dupes and the Bernie Sanders old.

But because most Americans have lives of meaning — families, work, school — the left counts on the fact that not everyone pays attention to state or national elections until Election Day is near.  And because these wizards of smart in government lack common sense, they forget to remember that those millions of Americans who do successfully navigate life, family, school, and work are possessed of common sense.  Those are the voters who elected Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, easily one of the most corrupt politicians ever to run for the office.

The American people are not nearly as dumb as the Pelosi/Schumer crowd thinks they are.  They recognize character and the lack of it with ease. 

Most Americans can also discern a person's declining mental state since so many of us have experienced it in our own families or circles of friends.  The Democrats' pretense that Joe Biden is not in the throes of dementia is laughable.

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