The fake mail crisis -- and the real one

Pity the poor postmaster general.

President Trump's top man at the postal service, Louis DeJoy, is preparing to testify about postal reform and distress ahead of elections for the House. According to Vanity Fair:

The consequences of the disruptive policy changes include eliminating overtime and slowing some mail delivery, cutbacks that Democrats say are intended to undermine the USPS’ ability to deliver election ballots in time this fall. As CNN reported, DeJoy is now being scrutinized by the Postal Service Inspector General, who opened an investigation into his policy changes as well his compliance with federal ethics rules. According to Politico, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is mulling whether to bring the House back early to address the USPS crisis, not to provide additional funding but to address organizational issues at the agency ahead of the election. 

On Sunday, Democrats also called on DeJoy to testify at an urgent Oversight Committee hearing on August 24 to examine his “sweeping operational and organizational changes at the Postal Service” and their impact on mail-in voting.

They'll fry him. The same people who plotted the phony Russian collusion story are now planning to demonize him as he comes in to answer their questions about his private-sector style efforts to make the ailing agency self sustainable.

Their cheerleaders are already bellowing calls to jail for him, so it's only a matter before they wheel out the tumbril or else get a noose. Democrats, rest assured, are hey're going to rip him apart.





And while they're at it, they'd like another go at impeaching Trump. Kid you not, here they are.

The whole thing is a fake, a fake crisis, generated by a pack of real embittered leftists looking for a bailout for their union buddies. They tried to get a postal bailout during the first stimulus debacle of the year, now they're trying to get it again -- a big $25 billion bailout package which will pay for a lot of gold-plated pensions for some of the laziest and most un-fireable workers in America. Like the Russia collusion hoax, the base 'narrative' is all a pack of lies.

The Federalist's Jordan Davidson has an excellent summary of all their fake charges, and picks each one apart - here are a few:

First, no, the postal service is not trying to slow the delivery of mail to steal the election -- it's already put states on warning that their impossible requirements for an election, given how the mail works, make it quite likely that the postal service won't be able to delivery every ballot to the counters on time. That's not an ugly surprise on election night, it's a pre-planned warning to allow states to prepare with other arrangments.

Second, the myth thown out by Joe Biden about mailboxes in low-used areas being collected is not an election ploy to steal the election, it's part of a long-delayed rationalization of postal operations. The post office has been losing money since at least the days of President Obama, who complained about the post office 'that's always having problems.' The hysterical photos of locked mailboxes are examples of measures taken to halt mail theft, a big issue before the Democrats started yelling that Trump was trying to steal the election by defunding the mail service.

Third, the postal service is not going to shut down - Davidson notes that it's got enough money to keep going until August 2021, I guess unless some of them are planning to steal that.

Here's the real crisis, something Democrats are trying to turn on its head:



The post office is scarily partisan - with two mail unions voting to endorse Joe Biden. 

David Catron at The Spectator points out that that's a problem:

Last Friday, the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) followed the lead of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) by endorsing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Thus far, most objections to increasing the role of the USPS in the election process involve the inevitable logistical problems that will accompany a precipitous expansion of mail-in voting. The addition of overt partisanship among postal workers to inefficiency renders it obvious that the widespread expansion of vote-by-mail is dangerous.

And as GatewayPundit points out -- the postal service was investigated for violating the Hatch Act regarding use of government resources for political ends - in 2016, they were caught using postal resources to help the Hillary Clinton campaign, with no apparent sanction. Thin they won't do it again?

They're partisan. And now everyone's supposed to expect that they'll all deliver ballots fairly? All those people, passing ballots from hand to hand, each and every one of them hating Trump, will not try to manipulate what gets delivered? Color us skeptical. The problem with all-mail-in ballots is that every step of the way your ballot is handled by an angry leftist. All it takes is one to make sure yours gets replaced by theirs or else somehow doesn't get delivered. No one would think of putting a winning lottery ticket into the mail to collect. Neither should anyone with their ballot.

The second problem is also about as bad - they're incompetent - just the examples from past elections tells us how and why. Catron continues:

What we really need to be worried about is the kind of chicanery the politicized USPS routinely perpetrate in states, like Washington, which has had all mail-in elections for years. In that state the local postal workers attach partisan campaign material to mail-in ballots. Recently Alicia Rule, a Democratic candidate for the 42nd Legislative District, was dumb enough to post the following on Facebook: “Ballots arrived today! Mine was carefully tucked together with a flyer by our neighborhood postal worker. I am reminded of just how much support we have because even that postal workers union has endorsed our campaign.”

According to GatewayPundit, last June a postal worker threw away a large cache of GOP congressional mailers in Texas. Partisan? A distinct possibility.

And don't forget the messes that were made in New York's and Paterson, New Jersey's primaries, both derived from mail-in ballot fiascos. There's a reason most countries forbid vote-by-mail schemes the Democrats are promoting. Cui bono?

Catron also points out that they aren't ready for mail-in ballots and have warned 46 states.

Those are where the real crises are. The Democrats are manufacturing the crises now about postal unreadiness is nothing but a big shakedown for postal worker unions and lots of walking around money for them to keep mismanaging. The Democrats are loudly yelling but it's all fake news and phony conspiracies in order to detract from the real issues with turning the postal service into election workers. All these Democrats want to do is stage a fraudy election -- and blame Trump if they don't like the result. 


Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Wikimedia Commons public domain photo, and Piqsels public domain photo.

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