The election is about prosperity or collapse, not identity politics

Most of the media are intentionally misleading the public by pretending that two candidates who support radical leftist policies are moderates while pretending that the other candidate, who passed opportunity zones in needy cities; who passed criminal justice reform; who gives major support to black colleges; and who has economic policies that greatly help the poor, the young, the less educated, women, and minorities is a racist and sexist.

The contrast between parties has never been as pronounced as this year, where every Democrat politician and policy seeks more control by government and more dependence on government versus more freedom, money, and power for the people.

The media are providing great cover for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as they refuse to take questions, so here is a sample of the clear choice the voters have:

The party that wants to destroy the private health care industry, which will destroy millions of jobs, vs. the party that wants freedom of choice.  Thank God for the private health industry when we have the pandemic.

The party that used the IRS to target political opponents vs. the party that uses IRS to administer the tax code.

The party that wants a universally high minimum wage, which will destroy economic opportunities for people Democrats pretend to care about, vs. the party that understands that economic circumstances are different throughout the country and that it is important to have the free market and capitalism.

The party that wants much higher taxes and massive regulation vs. the party that understands that the private sector is what has made the U.S. the economic powerhouse it is.

The party that supported leaders who left people to die and concocted a lie to protect its political power vs. a party that wanted the public to learn the truth.

The party that shook down corporations at EPA, Justice, and CFPB and established slush funds for kickbacks to special interest groups vs. the party that got rid of the slush funds.

The party that used the Justice Department to protect members of the Obama/Biden crime family and target political opponents vs. the party that uses the Justice Department to enforce the law.

The party that used the intelligence agencies to illegally spy on Americans and political opponents vs. the party that uses the intelligence agencies to gather intelligence on other countries, especially enemies.

The party that paid for a fake dossier and peddled lies about Russian collusion to destroy a political opponent vs. the party that wants the public to learn the truth.

The party that wants ballot-harvesting, that blocks photo IDs to vote and wants universal voting by mail, which is ripe for fraud vs. the party that wants election integrity.

Why don't the media report that most developed countries, especially Europe ban mail in voting to fight vast fraud instead of repeating the lie that there is no evidence that it leads to fraud. Almost all countries require photo IDs to vote also.

During the Obama/Biden years 14,000 mailboxes were removed. In 2009, WP wrote that over the last twenty years 200,000 mailboxes were removed yet there were no hearings and outrage by Pelosi and the media.

The USPS story is where the media and other Democrats collude to pretend that Trump is suppressing votes or manipulating the election. It is as fraudulent as the Russian collusion lie that has been perpetuated for years.

The party that supports abortion on demand which kills black and brown babies at a very high rate vs. the party that wants more black and brown babies to be born. Is a party that supports letting a fully developed baby die after birth a party of science, a party that is empathetic, a party that is religious or a party that should be trusted to provide health care for all?

The party that wants to dictate that 100% of the country should wear masks, inside and out, and keep much of the country shut down vs. the party that understands that a significant part of the country has not had significant problems with the virus.

The party that wants schools to remain closed and keep harming the children vs. the party that wants to help the children, especially the poor, minorities, and special needs students.  The media and other Democrats know that the seasonal flu infects and kills more students than COVID-19 but don't care.

The party that wants to fund Iran, which pledges death to America and Israel; defund charter schools; and reduce funding for police vs. the party that wants to do the opposite.

The party that refused to give Ukraine defensive weapons in a bid to appease Russia's Vladimir Putin and threatened to cut off funds if they didn't fire a prosecutor vs. a party that helped Ukraine defend itself against Russia.

The party that supports corrupt politicians like Hillary and Biden who use their powerful positions to greatly enrich themselves and their families vs. the party with a president and family who take no salaries while they work on trade and peace deals to help the people.

The party that said it was dangerous to kill a terrorist, Iranian general vs. the party that understands that killing people who are responsible for maiming and killing thousands of people makes the world and the U.S. safer.

The party who supported a leader who was so naive that he called ISIS the JV team and allowed them to spread terrorism vs. the party which substantially defeated ISIS.

The party that gives massive amounts of money to Iran to spread terrorism around the world vs. the party that works on peace deals with Israel and other Arab countries.

The party that said manufacturing jobs were gone for good vs. the party that knows that good policies bring them back.

The party that supports sanctuary cities and states and wants open borders vs. the party that has common sense and wants to enforce the laws that Congress passed as it is required to do.

The party that wants to destroy tens of millions of jobs and send the country backwards by getting rid of oil. That would make Iran, Russia and China extremely happy vs. the party that supports energy independence and the quality of life oil allows.

Does anyone truly believe that a party that couldn't keep their promise that we keep our doctor, keep our plan and our premiums would go down substantially can control temperatures, sea levels and storm activity forever if we just hand over trillions of dollars?

The party that treats Antifa and other radical violent groups as if they are a myth vs. the party that wants to protect the people from violence and believes in law and order.

The party that thinks that America has never been great and uses terms like systemic racism and white-skin privilege to gin up racial hate and violence vs. the party that believes America is a great country and that a systemically racist country would never have elected Obama twice.

The party that spread the lie about "hands up don't shoot" to spread racial hate and violence, especially against white cops vs. the party that know that the huge majority of cops are good and decent people trying to protect the country from crime.

A party that treats all gun owners as if they are criminals vs. a party that understands that the Second Amendment is very important and that almost all gun owners are peaceful people.

The choice is easy. I understand why most of the media and other Democrats want to talk about race or sex and want to keep Biden/Harris in the basement because talking about their radical, leftist policies will let the cat out the bag about how dangerous and destructive they are.

I challenge anyone to name one policy of Biden/Harris which is meant to help the private sector vs. giving more power and money to the government and more dependence on government. I also challenge them to name one foreign policy of Biden/Obama which made the world or U.S. safer. Hint: there are none. Their policies will greatly harm the poor, the middle class, all races, women, men and the less educated, people Dems only pretend to care about when they are begging for votes. 

Yet Democrats, with nothing to show for themselves, are now offering up on identity-politics grounds the radical left Kamala Harris. 

I am pretty sure that almost every conservative and Republican would gladly vote for Tim Scott, a black conservative, Candace Owens, a black conservative women, or Nikki Haley, an Indian-American woman for high public office. But we would never vote for Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Jerry Nadler, Sen. Chuck Schumer, ex-Sen. Harry Reid, Sen. Dick Durbin and any number of white men to any office requiring broad consent of voters. We discriminate against dangerous policies and people, not against race or sex. It is truly a shame that the race card is always played to mislead the public.

Image credit: Official photo, edited with FotoSketcher.

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