The DNC virtual convention — a pitiful and appalling sham

So far, every speaker at the Democratic National Convention has studiously failed to even mention the violence and looting across America's cities, a horror they have otherwise promoted by their silence and their failure to condemn it.

Michelle Obama talked a lot about empathy but had none for the thousands of victims of the riots and extreme violence those groups have wrought upon Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, etc.  No empathy for the small business–owners who have lost their only source of income, their livelihoods.  Not a word.  No empathy for the thousands of police officers who have been attacked, injured, blinded, or defunded.  The Democrats have made common cause with the anti-police movement; blue lives no longer matter to Democrats.

At this point, it is safe to say the Democrat party is anti-American and decidedly anti-Constitution.  Their platform of open borders, free college tuition, health care for all comers would, as any sentient person knows, bankrupt the nation, but that's their plan, and they are sticking to it.  They want to abolish ICE, prisons, and the police.  Their 90-page platform is ludicrous.

The recruited speakers submitted their little screeds outrageously lying about what President Trump has accomplished, blaming him for every COVID death, virtue-signaling themselves into absurdity.  The convention so far is reminiscent of a high school project produced while the teachers were on strike — amateurish and embarrassing.

Ms. Obama, John Kerry, Caroline Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo, Bill Clinton, poor irrelevant Hillary, et al. presumed to lecture us all on income inequality while they luxuriated in their multi-million-dollar mansions.  Most of them own several mansions.  Oh, and we must not re-elect the president because Orange Man Bad.  That was the extent of the wisdom in all their little Zoom talks.  Yet the Obamas, since they left office, have amassed more wealth than any other ex-presidential pair in history.  Their shallow hectoring will likely continue to be a bad joke all around.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden remains absent while his handlers pretend he is a viable potential president.  ...Who is?  The person who was the first to drop out of the presidential primaries for lack of support, the person who quite literally slept her way to the top with a powerful man, gave herself a Chinese name to garner Chinese votes, and imprisoned countless people for marijuana use — not sale, but use.  Kamala Harris ignored the sexual abuse of young boys by priests; follow the money.  In short, she was a terrible prosecutor and A.G. in California and is a terrible person, one without a moral compass.

Each and every one of the people who participated in this cartoonish exercise prostrated himself on the altar of socialism that the Democratic Party now embraces.  Venezuela, here we come.  They exuded only misery, doom, and dystopia.  Not one of them had a positive or uplifting word to say about America because they all support the Bernie Sanders quest for revolution, the intent to transform America into something it was never meant to be.  No wonder Bernie thinks he's won; Biden has adopted his platform.  AOC endorsed him on Tuesday night!  Not Biden, but Bernie.

Yes, it was a formality, but it resonates.

Like the oh, so put upon Michelle Obama in her $14-million spread on Martha's Vineyard, the convention so far has been all about convincing anyone paying attention that they are all victims, victims of capitalism, racism, COVID, and of course the Trump administration.

Michelle Obama actually seemed to threaten us with more chaos and rioting if we re-elect President Trump.  She whined that "our children can't go to the movies or math class" without fear of being shot, yet over the eight years the Obamas lived the White House, 25,000 people were shot in Chicago, and they never even held a press conference to discuss the still ongoing crisis in that city, their hometown.  They ignored it.  Those victims were almost all African-American.  Black lives do not really matter to the Obamas or anyone else in the Democrat party beyond their value as pawns to be used for their own political ends.

The Democrats' principal hope with all this scary talk is to disabuse Americans of the knowledge that it was Trump who engineered the booming economy that thrived until the pandemic.  Obama's economy was sluggish for eight years.  Obama made multiple and grievous foreign policy errors, the most serious being giving rise to ISIS. 

The Democrats have nothing but the charge of "racism" to run on, but most Americans know better.  This is the least racist nation on the planet.  Their subtle plan to blame Trump for the violence in the streets of Democrat-run cities is so misguided that it boggles the mind.  People can see for themselves where the violence is coming from and can see as well exactly who is approving of it — the Democrats who run those cities and the party at large.  To this day, no Democrat can bring themselves to call out the arsonists and looters. When you have white people with a BLM banner shouting obscenities at black police officers, you know the left has more than lost its way. They are wandering in some wilderness of their own making that has no relation to reality.

But Kamala Harris' big line of the night was "There is no vaccine for racism." That is something a duly indoctrinated eighth-grader would write in an essay to please a lefty teacher. Harris is not a remotely interesting thinker; she regurgitates platitudes she thinks will resonate with the Democrat base for whom she has obvious contempt.

To this day, the Democrats have gleefully used the pandemic to hammer and blame the President for each and every COVID death; for the dems, COVID is the gift that keeps on giving, the lockdowns that are devastating so many small businesses are just an unfortunate consequence of their intent to extend them for as long as possible. But it was Trump who acted immediately when he realized the Wuhan flu might be serious. It was Trump who effected the lowest unemployment in decades, who pushed back against China and Iran and has had a host of other domestic and foreign policy successes like the one this past week that brought the UAE and Israel together. President Trump does deserve the Nobel Peace Prize.

It is Trump who has kept us out of war. The left hates the men and women of the military but they love war; that's how they all get so rich but Trump has not started any wars, thus Kerry's charge that he has "isolated us." Yes, in a good way.

In short, Trump has been the most successful President since Reagan and that is what enrages the left to the point of psychosis.

This DNC convention is the awkward and unpleasant revelation of just how empty of values and ideas the party is. The only thing it has to offer is their visceral hatred for the best President in the lifetimes of Americans old enough to remember all of them since FDR and Eisenhower.

Obama, whom we all know never wanted Biden to run, could only attack Trump in his speech, disingenuous as always. Obama may be a polished politician but he too lacks substance. There is not much he could say about Joe who he hesitated to endorse for good reason.

Joe Biden is a sadly pathetic candidate for the presidency of the world's greatest nation on which nearly all other nations rely. He is so obviously suffering from dementia one has to wonder about the sanity of those behind his campaign, especially his wife. She perhaps envisions herself as an Edith Wilson, an acting president. It won't work. The blood and businesses shed across the nation in blue cities, encouraged by the left, will fool only those who wish to be fooled. If civil society is to prevail, Trump will be soundly re-elected.

Image credit: PBS screen shot from shareable YouTube video.

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