The big radical Demo machine

Everyone is trying to read the tea leaves in the changing Democrat campaign plans for Joe Biden's move on the presidency.  It's a miracle.  He's out of the basement.  He will travel to campaign in multiple states, after Labor Day, of course.  Joe even says he will debate President Trump.  The anti-Trump media are feigning excitement.  

But wait a minute...something does not pass the smell test.  

There are dubious and diabolical shifting winds, churning from the Big Radical Democrat Machine.  It's an impressive albeit clunky piece of machinery — big and bulky, but in a discreet and seductive way.  What you can't see under the hood is the main component, a frozen paradox that confounds Biden's maneuvers.  This part is right between the situational ethics meters, which need to be recalibrated every news and poll cycle.  The nuts, screws, and thug bolts think they make it work.  But mostly, on days it rains, the Squad (AKA pit crew) claim the driver's wheel.  There is a Pelosi plug that comes in handy when the fumes need to be recirculated, for gastric impact to keep the propaganda cylinders in full swing.  Antifa axles are greased with socialism and anger, and money stuffed BLM tires run on trained Marxist treads.  The duplicitous fuel is CNN low-grade weasel augmented by MSNBC high-performing solar blinders.  The hate horn blares nonstop, and the brakes are weak when history and heroes get in the way.  The machine also has a racism siren that has no off switch.

It is impossible to overstate the measures the Big Radical Demo Machine will deploy in the coming months to win the election.  In order to avoid being bamboozled, the country must anticipate anything. 

This marvelous albeit maniacal machine will decide if, how, and when Joe Biden will suddenly contract COVID-19.  Most likely, it will be before the debates, which will render an excuse for his absence, all while engendering monumental swells of sympathy.  The Biden vote will then be galvanized by prayer vigils nationwide.  At the right time, he will resurface and attain near supernatural power as the ordained pandemic survivor to lead us forward.  Super Joe.  A Hollywood movie script couldn't be more effective at pulling this off as the final pre-election coup.

Does this sound ludicrous?  Absolutely.  But the Democrats have a track record of manufacturing incidents that are supposed to work to their advantage — the Russia Hoax and the Impeachment Scam, to say the least.  Anything is possible for the Big Radical Demo Machine to conjure up if the situation becomes desperate to salvage the Biden campaign.  This COVID pretense would keep candidate Biden from being accessible while distracting or even unifying the fractioning players in his orb.

It is mind-altering to reflect on the unfathomable and unimaginable string of pre-election events that have beset our nation, courtesy of the Big Radical Demo Machine.  This list goes on and on: defunding and dismantling law enforcement, releasing criminals without bail, and locking up business-owners with fines; blatant harassing, intimidating, attacking, and beating people on the street with impunity; defacing and destroying symbols of American heritage, heroes, and culture; violating religious statues and places of worship; looting, arson, and destruction of local businesses; terrorizing and destabilizing communities, along with promoting anarchy and decay of great U.S. cities both physically and psychologically.  All of this was laid on our country by the Big Radical Demo Machine on top of the pandemic lockdown — a double-whammy following great gains in our economy and national security and rooting out international terrorism under President Trump's leadership. 

The Big Radical Demo Machine is revving its engine for its next act.  Use your imagination.  Nothing is too improbable.  

Image: DNC.

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