Swirling corruption in Illinois, the state that brought us Obama

In Illinois, the speaker of the house, Michael "King" Madigan is being investigated for a massive kickback scheme with Commonwealth Edison. It seems that in order for Commonwealth to get favorable legislation, that they had to pay the king with no-show jobs, board seats and hiring lobbyists. Commonwealth is now pretending that these kickbacks didn’t harm consumers.

Could ComEd Customers Get Reimbursed for ‘Wrongfully Inflated Rates’?

“From 2011 through the present day, millions of individuals and businesses owning or leasing property and operating businesses in the State of Illinois were unknowing victims of a vast and corrupt criminal scheme perpetrated by the State’s largest utility company,” the complaint reads

But in a statement, ComEd spokesman Paul Elsberg said: “The improper conduct described in the deferred prosecution agreement, however, does not mean that consumers were harmed by the legislation that was passed in Illinois

Now, 202 years after Illinois became a state and 50 years after King Madigan took office, Illinois, for the umpteenth time, after corrupt politicians are caught with their hand in the cookie jar, is going to focus on ethics legislation. Anyone who believes Madigan or Democrats care about ethics needs their head examined.

Every journalist and other Democrat in Illinois knows Madigan controls everything that passes and doesn’t pass. He rewards his supporters with taxpayer-funded raises and pension increases as well as with committee chairmanships that are worthless because Madigan controls everything. He also seems to have judges at his beck and call who keep independent redistricting and term limits off the ballot no matter how many signatures the public gets.

Madigan’s rules: How Illinois gives its House speaker power to manipulate and control the legislative process

But there’s another source of power the majority party of Illinois holds that allows its leaders a more underhanded influence over the legislative process and, ultimately, the daily lives of Illinoisans.

That power emanates from the little-known legislative rules that Illinois House of Representatives Speaker Mike Madigan – who’s held that position for more than 31 years since 1983 – uses on an everyday basis to orchestrate the legislative and political outcomes he wants.

Those rules allow Madigan to influence the makeup of legislative committees; how lawmakers vote; and when, if ever, the bills get voted on. But the most obstructive rule of all keeps bills – even those with popular support, such as term limits – from ever seeing the light of day. Madigan, and not the General Assembly, has the power to decide what has the chance to become law.

Virtually no state grants the types of powers to its legislative heads that Illinois grants to Madigan.

I haven’t seen any journalist ask Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin or Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth to demand Madigan resign as head of the Illinois Democrat Party or as speaker. They obviously don’t care.

If journalists and other Democrats truly cared about ethics, corruption and the rule of law they would not have elected a billionaire who committed fraud to save property taxes.

A billionaire who takes toilets out of one of his mansions to save $300,000 does not give a damn about ethics, corruption or paying his fair share, which he always talks about. In effect Pritzker stole money from teachers, the police, firemen, pensions and other taxing bodies to save peanuts for him. It doesn’t make a bit of difference that he paid it back after he was caught and was running for governor. A bank robber who pays the loot back still goes to jail. Why not someone who intentionally stole $300,000?

Cook County watchdog says 'scheme to defraud' saved Pritzker $330,000 in property taxes

Billionaire Democratic governor candidate J.B. Pritzker improperly received $330,000 in property tax breaks on one of his Gold Coast mansions as part of a “scheme to defraud” taxpayers, Cook County’s top watchdog concluded.

If journalists and other Democrats cared about electing an honest man as U.S. senator and president twice they would have never supported the corrupt Barack Obama. The stories of corruption are endless. He was clearly part of the corrupt Chicago political machine.

Anyone who dared point out Obama’s actions, policies or acquaintances were subject to being called racists by all the campaign workers posing as journalists. The media also didn’t care about anything Biden had done.

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What do you get when you elect a corrupt, unethical man as President and join him with a career swamp creature as vice president (Joe Biden) who has spent his entire adult life enriching himself and his family while feasting from the public trough? You get the most corrupt, unethical, lawless administration in our lifetime. The corruption and lawlessness was compounded because Obama/Biden had co-conspirators in the media and with elected officials in the House and Senate such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Dick Durbin, Steny Hoyer and other swamp creatures who covered up the lawless acts and act as if the Obama/Biden administration was pure as the driven snow.

It is no surprise that the corruption and lawlessness started as soon as they took office.

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