Sorry, Karen — it didn't work for Bernie, either

We remember how praising Fidel Castro doomed the Bernie Sanders candidacy.  I'm sure you remember all of those videos of Sanders talking about Cuba and the socialist paradise.  It was enough to make many Democrats between the coasts worry about getting wiped out in November.

We may be watching how praising Fidel Castro is now destroying any chance of Karen Bass becoming Biden's V.P. choice.  In 2016, Bass praised Fidel Castro following his death, calling him "Comandante en Jefe."

Like Sanders, Bass is now discovering that Castro was a dictator.  She praised him before, but now she's doing "the Miami 2-step."

This is from her appearance with Chris Wallace:

Bass told Fox host Chris Wallace that her perspective "developed over time" and that she now understood that the Castro government "was a brutal regime." Bass said she spoke with colleagues from Florida who raised concerns about her comments and that she "would not do that again, for sure."

"I absolutely would have not put that statement out," she said.

How convenient!  What a timely conversion.

My guess is that Biden will skip Representative Bass because of Florida and her leftist past.  At the same time, he committed himself to a "woman of color," and most of them have a leftist past.

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