So why did the DNC give AOC that tiny, token, DNC speaking slot?

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aged 30, the junior congresswoman from New York who hasn't even completed a full term, is being told to pipe down by the Democrats at their national convention. 

Here's the slap-in-the-face speaking slot she was given for the upcoming convention, which certainly seems to have left her bitter, posting some passive-aggressive poetry in response:

After all, isn't she the author of the Green New Deal, adopted by Joe Biden, cow farts and all?  Didn't she revitalize the Democratic Party with her surging victory in New York, followed on by an even bigger primary reelection tally?  Isn't she their biggest Twitter star?  Hasn't she become the face of the all-critical progressive wing of the party as Bernie Sanders retreats to his mansions?  Isn't she Joe Biden's very environmental adviser?  And in that perpetual Democratic obsession with demographic box-ticking, isn't she a three-fer?  They can tick off three boxes by letting her speak — youth, progressive, and Latinx.

Oh, the ingratitude.  And yes, she's mad.

This isn't a good thing for a party that is struggling to harness the youth vote, trying to keep the progressives from staying home (or worse still, voting for Trump), and trying to get the Latinos enthusiastic about them.  Ocasio-Cortez can even claim some black identification, as almost anyone of Puerto Rican descent can, so call it a four-fer.

Four reasons stand out as to why this might be happening:

One, they're a bunch of hidebound jurassics focused on seniority and union-influenced priorities, something that always shuts the young out.

Two, Ocasio-Cortez's Twitter success doesn't impress them — recall some of Nancy Pelosi's remarks about Twitter being insubstantial.

Three, Ocasio-Cortez has cost them a lot of money with her primary challenges to established Democrats — all of which she so far has won on.  That's got to be making a lot of Democrats mad and out to put a cork in her.

Four, and this is the big one: In a party seeking to win over the mainstream — imagine the crazy things she will say!  Primaries tend to skew left for Democrats, but general elections tend to skew right, given that Democrats are seeking to win over the independent middle.  Ocasio-Cortez takes her big win in solid blue New York as license to progressivize the party, creating countless ads for the Republican side of the equation.  For Democrats, with the polls seemingly in their favor, all they have to do is prove they aren't crazy...and Ocasio-Cortez will ensure they can't manage that.

Hence the urge to whisk her in and whisk her out.

It's a ham-handed move, given that Republicans have plenty to campaign on from her tweets.  All it will do is cost the Dems.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Twitter screen shots from posted Zoom video. Some enhancements by FotoSketcher.
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