Shouldn't politicians who lock down economies have some skin in the game?

President Trump, due to people like House speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer not wanting to waste a crisis, signed a commonsense executive order that requires states to pay $100 out of an extra $400 per week in an unemployment insurance supplement.

Democrats are having a cow and say states can't afford that. 

It is easy when power-hungry governors choose to keep their economies closed if there is little cost to them.  Maybe they will think twice about keeping people from going to work if they have to pay some of the cost.  It is certainly easy for them to intentionally destroy their states' economies and businesses if the unemployed are getting a bribe, which in many cases exceeds what they were making when they were working, to discourage them from going to work. 

Much of the media, in collusion with other Democrats, print sob stories that people can't pay their rent and other necessities if they don't get the extra $600 per week that they have been getting.  So I would ask them the question as to how they were paying their rent and for other stuff when they were making much less.  Isn't that a logical question?

More than five months into COVID-19, 63% of counties have fewer than five deaths, or one per month, which signals that this crisis has peaked.  Remember also that most of the people who died had serious other morbidity causes, and the vast majority were more than 70 years of age.  In the United States, we still have fewer than 2% of people who have tested positive and a significant number of those have no symptoms or very minor symptoms, and we have people advocating keeping the entire economy closed.  When have we ever tested people with no symptoms and contacted other people when someone with no symptoms was in close proximity to them?  How dysfunctional would the economy be if every time someone got sick at work or school, we closed everything down for a deep cleaning and fourteen-day quarantine?  We  never had free testing sites around the country.

Every day, we hear the numbers to scare the public into submission in support of the draconian measures inflicted on us by governors.  The economy is being destroyed by governors, not by the virus.  After all, there is an election coming up. 

In 2008, the economy collapsed substantially because not enough people were required to put skin in the game to purchase houses and commercial real estate.  Therefore, the real estate prices got inflated.  This time, the economy has collapsed because governors choose to keep the economy shut throughout their states when most counties have small problems, much less than a normal seasonal flu. 

The term "new normal" is used to beat the people into accepting more control of all aspects of their lives.  It is another piece of propaganda.  We need freedom and prosperity, not more government, and there is clearly only one choice for president who roots for the private sector every day, not for government power. 

Image credit: Gage Skidmore via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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