She wanted to be a Kardashian-like 'influencer.' Then her Antifa booking photo got out

Social media present all sorts of problems, one of which is people deceptively presenting themselves for applause and profit. Turns out a wokester would-be Kardashian among this set, who'd presented herself as a rarified Calabasas-style sylph, of smooth complexion and long false eyelashes, is actually a puffy-faced gal who looks a helluva lot older than even her actual age of 39: Simona Andrea Arteaga, 39, an "equity & inclusion advocate" & social media model, was arrested at the violent #antifa protest in Portland on 11 Aug. She's charged w/felony assault & more. Photo on left is from FB. Photo on right is booking photo. #BLM — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) August 12, 2020 Such is the reality-ville of actual booking photos, taken for police identification. Cops, it seems, have forced her let it all hang out, as the hippies say, like it or not.  She could have...(Read Full Post)
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