She wanted to be a Kardashian-like 'influencer.' Then her Antifa booking photo got out

Social media present all sorts of problems, one of which is people deceptively presenting themselves for applause and profit.

Turns out a wokester would-be Kardashian among this set, who'd presented herself as a rarified Calabasas-style sylph, of smooth complexion and long false eyelashes, is actually a puffy-faced gal who looks a helluva lot older than even her actual age of 39:

Such is the reality-ville of actual booking photos, taken for police identification.

Cops, it seems, have forced her let it all hang out, as the hippies say, like it or not.  She could have refrained from rioting and continued her phony social media influencer role, but she couldn't help herself.  Who knew cops could be such agents of enforcing honesty on rioters?

It's a funny story because she's such a fool — wanting one minute to be the social media influencer, taking all that free stuff from companies for product placement, and on the other hand, wanting to burn Portland down.  The woke doofus went out rioting with all this illusionary baggage, thought she could get away with it and return to playing Miss Calabasas, but instead ended up handcuffed, stuffed into a paddy wagon, and then fingerprinted and booking photo–ed, which, like social media, was shared for all to see on the internet.

Now her sylph influencer image has vanished, she's just another old buffalo, same as all the other Antifa denizens.

This, as one commenter on the hilarious Twitter thread noted, will do a heckuva lot more damage to her now-revealed-as-fake social media identity than any prison sentence she might have earned for throwing rocks and torches.  In the social media sea of absolute-lookism, which is the pond she swam in and made money off of, looks are everything.  Now she stands revealed as an old boar.

Hat tip: David Paulin.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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