Schoolteachers worrying about parents overhearing their brainwashing of students in online classes

The teachers' unions might want to re-think their opposition to re-opening schools, given the priority some of them place on ideological indoctrination that can't withstand the scrutiny of parents.  Hank Berrien of The Daily Wire spotted a Twitter thread (now taken down, of course) in which public school teachers fretted over the possibility of parents finding out how their own children were being proselytized into radical doctrines on race and sexuality. School, AKA indoctrination center. On Saturday, a teacher posted a thread on Twitter in which he bemoaned the possibility that parents who had access to watching their children's virtual classrooms would do damage to "honest conversations about gender/sexuality" that teachers would have with students. The teacher, Matthew R. Kay, who was a founding teacher at Science Leadership Academy (SLA), a partnership high school between the School District of...(Read Full Post)
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