Schools shocker: 6 possible reasons why NY Dems Cuomo and Schumer suddenly support reopening

When two powerful Democrats suddenly reject the position of the teacher unions and support the position argued by President Trump, we know that something's up.  Andrew Cuomo's and Chuck Schumer's abrupt switch of position to support reopening schools in New York leaves a lot of blue-state Democrats exposed to intensified criticism for keeping their own schools closed.  I see five possible reasons that could explain this dramatic switch. One Let's start trying to account for the change in position by taking Senator Schumer's press conference explanation at face value. What is one of the biggest problems facing us in the next month? As the Speaker mentioned, schools. Opening up the schools safely. If you don't open up the schools, you're going to hurt the economy significantly because lots of people can't go to work. Other blue-state Democrats like California's Gavin Newsom and Michigan's...(Read Full Post)
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