Sally Yates throws James Comey under the bus

With investigations revealing treasure troves of evidence of deep-state malfeasance in their bid to Get Trump, rats are fleeing a sinking ship. Deep State is now trying to get its stories straight. And in former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates's Senate testimony this Wednesday, it looks as if James Comey is the designated fall guy. Blame him and the rest get off the hook.

First, there was this case, from the Daily Caller:

Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said Wednesday that she would not have signed an application to conduct surveillance against former Trump aide Carter Page had she known it contained inaccurate information.

“If I had known that it contained incorrect information, I certainly wouldn’t have signed it,” Yates said at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

Yates signed an application to continue surveillance against Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) on Jan. 17, 2017, just days before the start of the Trump administration. The FBI and Justice Department obtained the initial FISA order on Page on Oct. 21, 2016

Didn't know? Why those dirty cops at the FBI.. She had no idea! House intelligence committee ranking member Devin Nunes called bee ess on that to Fox News, by the way, saying she would have been "the most oblivious deputy attorney general in U.S. history" if she didn't know. 

Second, there was this, from the Washington Examiner:

" I don't remember" is what a top Justice Department official testified on Wednesday to the question of whether former Vice President Joe Biden brought up the Logan Act during a heavily scrutinized January 2017 Oval Office meeting featuring former President Barack Obama and others related to the investigation into retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Sally Yates, the deputy attorney general under Obama who briefly served as acting attorney general during the first 10 days of President Trump’s tenure, testified before the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, claiming that neither Obama nor Biden tried to influence any investigation during the small meeting on Jan. 5, 2017, which included herself, Obama, Biden, former FBI Director James Comey, and former national security adviser Susan Rice. But, when pressed, Yates claimed she could not recall whether Biden brought up the controversial Logan Act as notes from now-fired FBI special agent Peter Strzok indicate he did.

Chairman Lindsey Graham asked Yates whether Biden mentioned the Logan Act during the meeting. She replied: “You know, I don’t remember the vice president saying much of anything in this meeting.” The South Carolina Republican followed up, asking, “So you don’t remember him mentioning the Logan Act?” Yates said, “No, I don’t.”

When Graham asked if anyone mentioned the Logan Act during the meeting, Yates said, “I have a vague memory of Director Comey mentioning the Logan Act,” but noted she couldn’t recall if it was then or just after her one-on-one discussion with Comey. The senator asked whether she believed Flynn’s discussions with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak amounted to a Logan Act violation, and Yates replied that “it certainly could’ve been a technical violation, but that was not the focus of the FBI or us — we were really focused on a counterintelligence investigation.”

She's saying that Comey, not Joe Biden, brought up the gamy Logan Act charge idea, something that is obviously now an embarrassment. Yates is someone who is a Democrat from a prominent Democrat family and her claims of no bias are nonsense. She stands to benefit from a Joe Biden presidential appointment in a Joe Biden administration, so no surprise, she's defending Joe by hurling Comey under the bus.

There was also the perjury trap issue being set for Gen. Michael Flynn, a longtime opponent of the Obama administration, as he was being eased into he position as President Trump's National Security Advisor.

"Did Comey go rogue," asked Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Yates said yes.

That, according to Graham, pretty well showed that Democrats and their deep state establishment were designating Comey as the fall guy and circling their wagons. He said they were treating Comey as "radioactive" and "rats fleeing a sinking ship" as well as running from him like he "had the plague."

Obviously, they're protecting Joe Biden, as well as President Obama, the people who stand to have real power or had it.

That leaves Comey just a little superfluous, especially since he's been acting weirdly of late. What's Comey got to say on his Twitter? He's been curiously silent. That signals there's some sort of fix in, knock down Comey and call the whole thing over. The only thing one can conclude by this is that they are protecting much bigger fish.

Image credit: Fox News, via shareable YouTube, screen shot

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