RNC presented uplift; Dems delivered only addiction to victimhood

As the Democrats continue to ignore or defend the violence being so cleverly orchestrated and funded by Marxist groups intent upon destroying the United States as founded, the speakers at the RNC convention presented something more edifying.

They told their personal stories of what they had suffered under the Obama/Biden administration and how President Trump has done the work that has helped them directly.

On the second night, the lobster fisherman, the steel-stamping company–owner, the dairy farmer, the young Nick Sandmann whom the left attempted to "cancel" were among them. 

The second night of the convention did not disappoint; it was as uplifting and inspiring as the first night.

It was also a night of blunt truth-telling.  Pam Bondi laid out the facts of the Biden family's corruption.

Kentucky A.G. Daniel Cameron echoed Vernon Jones, bemoaning the Democrat party's habit of taking for granted the votes of black Americans and urging their fellow African-Americans to vote for the candidate who has and will continue to put his money where his mouth is.

Trump has proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he cares about all the American people, especially our working folk who make the country function — our truck-drivers, miners, fishermen, nurses, farmers, etc. 

These are all people the Obama/Biden administration not only ignored, but actively sought to harm with their unreasonable environmental regulations, tax hikes, bans, and fines.

President Trump has rescued millions of those worker bees that we all depend upon from the constraints Obama/Biden imposed on them in an effort to put them out of business. 

It is a mystery why the Democrats are supporting all the violence occurring in those Democrat-run cities, but they are.  As a monolith, they refuse to condemn the rioting, looting, and arson.

In Portland, BLM rioters cemented the door closed and attempted to burn the building with officers inside.  When, on Fox & Friends, Tammy Bruce bravely called out the left for not speaking out against the devastation these groups are doing to the cities under siege, Donna Brazile went postal.  Claiming victimhood, she accused Tammy Bruce of "ignoring four hundred years of history."  Bruce had done no such thing.  But Brazile would not let her speak.  This backwash from the Clintons and the DNC melted down over a few words of absolute truth.

How and why the left thinks defending rioters, who are clearly being recruited, trained, paid, and trucked to targeted cities supplied with weapons, will help them in November is incomprehensible.  Do they really think a majority of Americans will vote for sympathy with marauding barbarians who are devastating their cities?  They do!  They seem to believe that making us all fear that violence will soon be coming to our cities, even small cities like Kenosha, is enough to make us vote for the Marxists who seek to control every aspect of our lives.

But this is not Germany in the 1930s under Hitler, Vietnam under Ho Chi Minh, China under Mao, or the Soviet Union under Stalin.  Americans are different having had the pleasure and constitutionally guaranteed right of freedom for a couple of hundred years, liberty the peoples of those nations had never experienced.

In that appearance on Fox & Friends, Donna Brazile revealed the core of her party's strategy: condemn all white people as irredeemably racist and thus responsible for any and all problems American minorities may suffer, despite the opportunities available to them.

Brazile never used to be one who succumbed to this cheap directive of the race-class-sex crowd that commandeered academia long ago.  She has obviously received new orders from headquarters.  This successful, probably wealthy, educated, upper-class woman is now slumming with the "we have not and will never overcome" battalion.  Watching her lose her cookies over Tammy Bruce's rational few words was a sign.  When the left can seduce a woman like Brazile to abandon her better senses, the left is floundering badly.  She of all people might have been a voice of reason, but instead she ranted and raved like a BLM rioter in the streets.

It was sad to see and is a sad commentary on what the Democrat party has become — race-hustlers of the worst kind.  When a woman with as much presence and prominence as Donna Brazile joins those of her party who dwell in the gutter of racial politics instead of intellectual political discourse based on the Constitution, we should realize that the Democrat party of JFK is no more.

"Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and to destroy. It is the enemy of freedom, and deserves to be met head on and stamped out." —Pierre Berton

The Democrat party under the dominance of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, AOC and her pals, has lost any luster or relevance it once had.  It has been reduced to a gang of thugs and operates...like a gang of thugs.  That it has co-opted Donna Brazile is a tragedy.  Clinging to the cloak of victimhood is never a winning strategy.

Trump is going to win bigly.

Image credit: Screenshot from USAToday video clip via shareable YouTube.

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