Progressive privilege: Lefties making excuses for two lawyers arrested for Molotov cocktail firebombing of police car in Brooklyn

Forget about the purported "white privilege" over which the left obsesses, the genuinely privileged class in America's big cities consists of radical progressives, who flout mask requirements at mass demonstrations, deface public property with graffiti, and riot and destroy while being called "mostly peaceful demonstrators." Perhaps the worst example of open and sustained advocacy of this privilege can be found in a five thousand word-plus article that could be mistaken for a Babylon Bee parody.  The "Intelligencer" column of New York Magazine seeks to excuse the crimes committed by two educated young lawyers who threw a lighted Molotov cocktail into a New York City police car during the Black Lives Matter riots the night of May 29–30, following George Floyd's death.  Author Lisa Miller obviously has no grasp of the progressive privilege for which she argues while excusing the actions of people with whose...(Read Full Post)
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