'Peaceful protestors' proving to be Trump's best recruiting tool

Hurling smoke bombs and fireworks, "peaceful" protesters did their level best to disturb restaurant diners on sidewalks; issue threats to homeowners with slogans such as "fire, fire, gentrifier"; and make enough noise to keep residential areas awake with the chuk-chuk-chuk of police helicopters above.  They even chanted military jodies, with leftist replacement words to Army-like cadence chants, perhaps to demonstrate that they, too, are an army of sorts.  The featured speaker was a self-described illegal alien.  Here's the scene in Washington, D.C.:

Oakland, among other places, was also on the leftist menu:

It calls to mind R. Emmett Tyrrell's analysis, made years ago, that leftists live for one thing and one thing alone: disturbing your neighbor, disturbing the peace.

This is shaping up to be a potent campaign issue, taking Democrats off guard.

Nobody noticed anything wrong with this picture until Don Trump, Jr. pointed it out:

You can see it in the campaign videos of down-ballot candidates, which are very powerful:

You can also see it in wildcat art, which doesn't seem to be connected to any campaign, just the work and passion of grassroots artists and activists who follow their hearts - here is one of the most effective.

You can see it in the fading fortunes of Black Lives Matter as President Trump begins his ascent in the polls.  The right to personal security, and not to be disturbed, is a big issue with America's peaceful voters.  If Trump wins, it will be courtesy of the crazed left that the mainstream Democrats can't quite bring themselves to stomp out.

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