NYC teachers protest COVID danger of school openings -- with loud, shouty, spit-flecked, close-quarters march

Logic escapes them.

Or rather, for New York's teachers unions, protesting school openings isn't really about the dangers of COVID.

In the tweedledum-tweedledee politics of New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York's Gov. Andrew Cuomo, de Blasio is playing the one with a brain this time, creating a plan for opening New York City's schools, which has the opposition of Cuomo and the teachers unions themselves, carrying guillotines and coffins around to persuade us that school openings are death sentences. Never mind that New Yorkers have been so exposed to this virus through the subway that they've apparently developed herd immunity, with very few new cases since the protests and lootings have started. Nope, schools, too dangerous, and the leftist unions have called all their together members for a round of close-quarter shouting, with spit flecks going all over, in what's got to be one of the best ways out there to actually catch COVID.

But little kids are the dangerous ones, see, not demonstrations.

Or so you're supposed to think.

Say what?

Here's the New York Post:

<iframe height="337" width="600" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" src="//"></iframe>

Now, you might argue that with this short clip the union members are socially distancing, but take a look at the New York Post's slideshow - they aren't.

And even if they were, why are they demonstrating like this, with churches and gyms and beauty parlors shut as just too dangerous and weddings and funerals put off, probably forever? Why the risk of a street demonstration even under most perfect of protocols if it's all that dangerous?

What it shows is that these people are not serious. What they want is to not work, but to get paid, and then collect their overstuffed pensions on the public dime. Who needs to teach kids under such circumstances? 

Like the Los Angeles teachers who cut their own throats by shutting down classrooms for online learning and then finding that parents were Googling 'home-schooling' these teachers are just as much their own worst enemy.

The sooner these teachers unions are gone, the better it will be for everyone. This little stunt has too much hypocrisy. 

Image credit: New York Post shareable video, screen shot



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