NPR station boots weatherman off air for comparing Seattle riots to Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany on his personal blog

Don't you dare compare the ideologically motivated mobs attacking and destroying shops and other property in Seattle with the ideologically motivated mobs that attacked and destroyed Jewish-owned shops in Nazi Germany during Kristallnacht ("the night of broken glass") in 1938!  Not if you work for nonprofit "public" radio station (and NPR affiliate) KNKX in Tacoma, Wash. and appear on its air.  That station has permanently booted University of Washington professor Cliff Mass from his weekly weather segment for daring to make such a comparison on his personal blog.  In other words, an ideological test has been imposed. Professor Mass's blog entry has since been revised to remove the paragraph that apparently caused the greatest controversy, but he remains off air: Screen grab via Ari Hoffman in the Post Millenial. As Hoffman reports in the Post Millenial:: Reaction came swiftly from the left on social...(Read Full Post)
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