Now that the CDC has declared mass COVID testing unnecessary, Democrats say 'don't trust the experts'

The experts, the media, and other Democrats are so consistent in their response to COVID-19. Now that the CDC sensibly says that people with no symptoms don't need COVID tests, we are told by the brilliant New York governor Andrew Cuomo and others that we shouldn't trust the experts. Andrew Cuomo: New CDC Coronavirus Guidance 'Political Propaganda' "I consider [CDC guidance] political propaganda," Cuomo said Wednesday. "I would caution private companies against following the CDC guidance." In the past, Cuomo has encouraged people in New York to adhere to past CDC workplace testing guidance. But the CDC tweaked its testing guidelines on Monday saying that people without coronavirus symptoms "do not necessarily need a test" if they were exposed to the virus. The New York Times is no better.  It claims that the CDC changed its guidance because of pressure from Trump. Top U.S. Officials Told C.D.C. to...(Read Full Post)
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