NeverTrump Republicans need to sober up fast or get out of the way

The Democrats long ago gave up on persuasion of any kind.  They are a party that compels and demands and threatens.  When they don’t get their way, their voters (whom they refuse to denounce) march armies down our streets and call them “peaceful protesters.”  They burn businesses to the ground and then blame and bill the businesses.  They defund police forces that refuse to aid them in their crimes, shutter the churches of congregations courageous enough to resist their politically sanctioned evil, and punish citizens who refuse to embrace their socialist slogans and decrees as irrefutable truths.  The Democrats seek the triumph of their will through force and force alone.  And because of this, millions of Americans are waking up to the existential danger for the United States that the Democratic Party has become. Pennsylvania restaurants are working together...(Read Full Post)
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