NeverTrump Republicans need to sober up fast or get out of the way

The Democrats long ago gave up on persuasion of any kind.  They are a party that compels and demands and threatens.  When they don’t get their way, their voters (whom they refuse to denounce) march armies down our streets and call them “peaceful protesters.”  They burn businesses to the ground and then blame and bill the businesses.  They defund police forces that refuse to aid them in their crimes, shutter the churches of congregations courageous enough to resist their politically sanctioned evil, and punish citizens who refuse to embrace their socialist slogans and decrees as irrefutable truths.  The Democrats seek the triumph of their will through force and force alone.  And because of this, millions of Americans are waking up to the existential danger for the United States that the Democratic Party has become.

Pennsylvania restaurants are working together to fight back against mercurial shut-down orders from Democrat Governor Wolf intended to kill their businesses before November’s election.  The families of nursing home victims in New York are fighting to make sure the rest of the world hears how the malice and indifference of Democrat Governor Cuomo stole the lives of their loved ones for political gamesmanship.  Political neophytes in Portland and Seattle are screaming about the violence and destruction orchestrated by Democrat-led rioters in their cities and covered up by a dishonest press.  Democrat domestic terrorists are the “fifth column” in our midst, and together with the “Fourth Estate,” they have worked hard to become public enemy number one.

There’s a backlash coming.  The smarter Democrats can feel it. 

What is their immediate response?  To coyly threaten the secession of California, Oregon, and Washington should President Trump win re-election a little over two months from now.  They have used force to plunge American cities into chaos, and they threaten more force should Americans, finally fed up with the Democrats’ war against our country, storm the ramparts on November 3 and use their votes to slug Democrats right across the face. 

That is what is on the ballot this election — the choice between an America stricken by fear and run by force or an America driven by persuasion — and timid Republicans who have yet to grasp the stakes need to sober up fast or get out of the way. 

The foo-foo Republicans like Mitt Romney (currently working to cover up the actions of John Brennan and others in their disinformation campaign and coup against the president) and Ben Sasse (who has little time to quibble with the unconstitutional actions of socialist President Obama but leaps forth to peacock before the press and rage against the conservative President Trump) still don’t understand the election before us because they never sought to understand the election behind us.  And because of that, their flirtations with the Democrats are both noisome and dangerous. 

Nancy Pelosi demonizes Republicans as murderers and racists, and still the foo-foo crew say nothing.  Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler spend four years delegitimizing the Republican president as a Russian agent, and Romney, Sasse, Burr, and too many other Republicans have sat on their hands and refused to combat Democrat lies before the nation splits in two. With institutional stability and national peace in the balance, those same “Cato Street plotters” have chosen to make an incendiary moment in history more volatile by endorsing the Democrats’ attempt to win the election, not at the ballot box, but at the post office box

Their foolishness -- in judging President Trump’s attempts at persuasion harshly but the Democrats’ show of force all around us as somehow justified -- is not merely political malpractice, but treachery of the worst kind.  And when the Democrats’ incremental mayhem and murder transform into a steady campaign right outside their windows, they will have nobody to blame but themselves.  They have failed to use the authority of their offices to protect the country from Obama’s intentional sabotaging of the peaceful transfer of power in 2016. The most amazing misjudgment (in a long list of misjudgments) made by NeverTrump Republicans and the Democrats for whom they give cover is that Donald Trump would betray the rule of law for rule by force.  Instead, the president has exhibited herculean restraint for four years while his enemies used force to rile up the country and plot his demise. 

Not force, but persuasion, has been the hallmark of this presidency.  President Trump has proved a man certain in his convictions and determined to take his case directly to the American people time and time again.  Before he transformed the conversation, the D.C. political class had no appetite to discuss illegal immigration, our manufacturing and pharmaceutical dependence on communist China, the importance of strengthening Israel’s position in the Middle East and India’s and Taiwan’s positions against China, or America’s descent into 1984 madness where Google decrees what is politically correct and Antifa enforces it with balaclava-masked soldiers with guns in their hands.  Now they are issues on the minds of every voter. 

The president has cast a great deal of sunlight upon America’s enemies, but out of ignorance or hubris, Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans continue to ignore the whirlwind they’ve unleashed.  What happens November 3 will be a final test of whether persuasion, not force, still holds the upper hand.  Democrats’ threats of violence are real, but “violent delights have violent ends.”  

Hat tip to Mauloa.

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