More details and arrests in the case of the hat-stealing Biden women

A story ripped through the conservative blogosphere on Friday: Two young women stole and destroyed anti-Biden signs, stole and threw away a MAGA hat that a young boy was holding, verbally abused the young boy, and then threw punches at the people trying to recover their property.

New information about the event emerged on Saturday, and it revealed that the women were even worse than we thought. However, it also shows that conservatives are fighting back.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video showing those disturbing events playing out (language warning):

The Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck had the opportunity to speak with Abbey Wigton and Taylor Cisinski, the two Trump-supporting adults who showed up in the video. It was a fascinating interview. (The video is at the end of this post.)

What the interview shows is that the Biden-supporting women were even more verbally abusive to 7-year-old Riley than the video indicates. Abbey also confirmed my suspicion that she told her son, Riley, to get the hat, not because she wanted a more inflammatory video, but because she naïvely believed that the two young women would show some kindness and decency to a young child.

The interview also explains that the episode started when a foursome of Trump haters – the two women involved and their two male companions, who appear later in the video – entered the restaurant where Taylor was sitting and started harassing him. Taylor was able to reach a peaceful resolution with the two men. It was while he was shaking hands with them that the two women left the restaurant and attacked Abbey and Riley.

Taylor’s statement about these two harpies confirmed another suspicion of mine: That these two women exemplify the Democrat trend of having women as the frontline soldiers. They are not forced into the frontline. Instead, the Democrat establishment, starting in public schools and continuing into colleges and universities, creates angry young white women who feel victimized by society. At the same time, they feel guilty about their alleged white privilege. This combination of anger and guilt plays out in remarkable viciousness.

These women are also willing to engage in violence because, despite their abandonment of traditional codes of femininity, they expect men to continue to respect the cultural prohibition against striking women. This double standard appears in the video when one of the women strikes Taylor, and he doesn’t retaliate.

The good news is that police arrested the women, Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow, both 21. And here’s the even better news: During the Daily Caller interview, Taylor said that both he and Abbey fully intend to press charges:

Yes. So we definitely plan on pressing charges. And the reason why is you continue to see this violence across America, whether it be Portland, Seattle or, you know, very close to me in New York City, and there’s never any consequences. The mayor gives in. The leftist politicians give in. They call it “peaceful protesting.”

So I think there needs to be an example where we’re standing up and we’re giving people consequences for these actions. There’s no reason why you should be violent over politics, especially with, you know, a child involved. The child is not responsible for Abbey’s political opinions, so there’s no need to be aggressive with him.

So we will be pressing charges because we think it’s time for conservatives to stand up for our voice and message. Because if we don’t, the left will do this more and more. They’re definitely encouraged by this behavior, so, yes, we will press charges.

Bravo, Taylor! He’s right. One of the reasons for the warfare in America’s Democrat-run cities is that few of the urban terrorists face any consequences. They’re instantly bailed out, the cases never go to trial, and they’re heroes in their communities. Until the rule of law applies to them, they have no reason to stop their behavior.

Image: Two Roman women fighting while a child cries, 1809, as modified, by Bartolomeo Pinelli; CC BY 4.0

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