Maine requires cone of shame for some restaurant staff who don't wear masks

One of the things that's increasingly disturbing in 2020 is that there is no longer a space between reality and satire.  At the recently ended Democrat National Convention, it was reality, not satire, that saw a panelist for an LGBT forum self-identify as a "Black-Vietnamese, transgender nonbinary/gender transcendent mermaid Queen-King" and a "licensed minister in the Progressive National Baptist Church."  Likewise, it is not satire that Governor Janet Mills of Maine is telling some restaurant staffers that they must wear the cone of shame. Let's begin by defining terms.  We are not talking about Maxwell Smart's "Cone of Silence."  That was, in fact, a very funny bit of cold war satire, not an actual thing: Instead, as every pet-owner knows, the cone of shame is what animals must wear when they need to be stopped from licking themselves.  Although humans think of the cone as a way to...(Read Full Post)
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