Like trapped rats, Democrats and other leftists are starting to get nervous

As I began writing tonight, I had a lot of tabs open.  Shall I write about the racist attack The Nation launched against black Trump-supporters?  Or should I write about Nancy Pelosi's suddenly announcing that Biden shouldn't demean himself by debating Trump?  And what about the Democrats who are openly admitting that Trump is running the better campaign?  And then there are the Jews proudly leaving the Democrat party — what about them?

As I contemplated three or four separate posts, one for each question, I realized that they are all actually the same post: Democrats are realizing that Biden's early poll numbers were misleading and that Trump may well win.  Some respond like trapped rats with viciousness or frantic manipulations.  Others are feeling something akin to relief.  No matter the response, they're recognizing the real possibility that Biden almost certainly won't make it across the finish line.

The winner in the "trapped rat/vicious" category is Elie Mystal's revoltingly racist, dishonest, hate-filled screed entitled "We Need to Talk about the GOP's 'Black Friends,'" published at The Nation, a "Progressive" (i.e., leftist) publication founded in 1865.  Mystal's premise is that Trump is an irredeemable KKK-style racist and that the Republican party and its supporters are complicit.  It's a long, utterly contemptible piece that generally labels black Trump-supporters as "tokens" and says the blacks who appeared at the convention are "Black validators."

Mystal, who is black, is a Harvard College and Harvard Law grad.  Those bastions of Progressivism left him with some serious anti-white racism.  Nothing, though, explains the revulsion he feels for blacks who didn't get his advantages and want to make it the old-fashioned way, through hard work and human decency.

It's obvious that Mystal is steeped in blind hatred.  What's also obvious is that Mystal is terrified that a Trump victory is on hand.  You don't write this kind of manic garbage unless you're facing an overwhelming adversary and are emptying both barrels in the faint hope that you can take out one or two of the enemy as you head for your inevitable demise.

Then there's Nancy Pelosi.  After Trump accused Biden of doping to get through past debates, she made the confidential admission to all Americans that it would just be too demeaning for Biden to have to debate Trump:

Does anyone believe the other desperate Democrats who see a new Machiavelli at work here?

Biden, of course, had to defend his honor by saying he'll make the debates, something no one believes.  After all, he can't even make it through a friendly interview without reading from a script:

At Tablet Magazine, a center-left publication, after watching the second night of the Republican convention, Liel Leibovitz wrote, "Donald John Trump is going to win in November, and win big."  He says the polls and criticism are irrelevant:

[A]s Trump's first surprise election ought to have taught us by now, when it comes to modern American politics, the only principle that truly matters is the Ooga Chaka principle: We vote for the candidate who gets us hooked on a feeling and high on believing.

No one believes in "President Biden," which is a generic idea without any policies attached.  Trump offers Americans a mirror of themselves and their highest aspirations.  That's a winner.

Noah Pollak agreed.  The fact that Biden and the Democrats fomented or ignored the protests, objecting only when their polling looked bad, is a terrible problem for Democrats.  Pollak quoted a friend who wrote, "Ordinary Americans intuitively understand that they're being held hostage."

That is, they know that Democrats, by supporting small(ish)-scale riots, are really saying, "Nice little country ya' got here. Shame if a Trump vote made something happen to it."  While most people are not heroes and will yield to extortion, the fact that Biden is so weak and obviously scared of the BLM crowd tells people that, even if he's elected, the Democrats' mob will still destroy their nice little country.

Meanwhile, just as blacks and gays are walking away, so are Jews.  The people in this video aren't orthodox Jews who have long supported Trump.  Instead, they're people who always voted Democrat:

It will be fatal for Trump and his supporters to get careless or cocky at this point, but let's just say there is reason for hope.  The Democrat convention was dismal and divisive and put all its energy into attacking Trump without offering anything positive for Americans.  Meanwhile, the Republican convention was a buoyant celebration of ordinary Americans.  It was drenched in Leibovitz's Ooga Chaka and rock-solid accomplishments, with an even brighter promise for the future.

Image: An engraving from 1784 showing a "political rat catcher" admiring all the political rats he's caught. Library of Congress; no known restrictions on publication.

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