Kamala puts a gun to our heads

This is Kamala Harris at her scariest — which is very scary indeed.



What is she telling us here?

You think the mayhem in Minneapolis was bad?  You think it was bad in Portland?  In Seattle?  Chicago?  New York?  How about Denver?  Atlanta?  Philadelphia?   Milwaukee?  Washington, D.C.?  How about that nice little Kenosha over there? 

Harris tells us with that weird giddily menacing smile: if you think those were bad, just wait for what happens if you do something stupid in November. 

Riots to infinity.

Interesting pitch.  And there's no mistaking its import, as there was no mistaking the menace in Joe Pesci's voice when his character in Goodfellas asks a fellow mobster, "I'm funny?  Like funny how?  Do I amuse you?"

Do not fail to grasp that this was not just Harris speaking.  She is now officially the Democrat Party's nominee for vice president.  The way things work, her words could not have been spontaneous.  They can only reflect the deliberate, calculated, and preapproved message that the entire Biden-Harris campaign machine, if not the entire Democrat Party, want the voting public to heed.

A number of commentators have perceived an extortionate turn in the Democrat playbook.  Vote for us or we'll burn your precious country down.  Now, in her cute and charming style, Harris has made it pretty explicit.

Bill Dunne runs a communications consultancy based in Connecticut.

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