Joe Biden still can't get his act together on who to pick for VP

August 1, the day for Joe Biden to announce his running mate for the presidential election came and went, and instead of a rollout, Joe Biden pushed his vice presidential choice back another ten days. According to the New York Post: Joe Biden is not expected to pick a running mate until at least Aug. 10. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee had previously said he expected to name someone to the job by the first of the month. The late in the game decision will put the announcement just one week before the Democratic convention that will officially designate the pair as the party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees. Sure, it's possible the whole story is a story of Biden being disorganized and addled, unable to make up his mind, given that he's 77 and as Peggy Noonan put it, an "old" 77. Just his inability to know what day it is and where he is supports that argument. But it's just as...(Read Full Post)
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