It says a lot that Biden chose Kamala, and none of what it says is good

Biden's choice of Kamala Harris to be his running mate shows the shallowness of the Democrats' talent pool.  Biden handicapped himself by explicitly pledging to ignore men and then implicitly bowing to the demand that his female choice be black.  However, it's still somewhat shocking that, out of all the black, female, Democrat politicians in America, the best he could do was Kamala.

What's most striking about Kamala is that, like Barack Obama, she has nothing in common with the American black experience.  Despite her slamming the race card on the table, the only thing she shares with the generic "black vote" is skin color.

Kamala did not come from a family that has traveled through generations of the American black experience.  There's no history of Southern slavery, no Reconstruction, and no being part of the endless variety of post-Reconstruction stories.  Some blacks struggled through the Jim Crow South, some reveled in the Harlem Renaissance, some roped cows in the Wild West, some were part of the single biggest American migration when they moved to the upper Midwest, some embraced the middle class, and some got sucked into the undertow of the underclass.  Each is an American story.

Kamala's bio, by contrast, brings her closer to me: like me, she's a first-generation immigrant who is the child of very educated parents (although her upbringing was more affluent than mine).  Her mother is a high-caste East Indian breast cancer scientist, while her father is a Jamaican-born economist who is an emeritus professor at Stanford.  Like me, Kamala grew up in liberal enclaves that were anything but racist (although Kamala also spent many years growing up outside the U.S. in Montreal).

Other than that, the only differences are that her skin is dark and she's a leftist, while my skin is light and I'm conservative.  And I never slept my way to the middle the way she did.  But other than that...

It's purely cosmetic to boast to black Americans that Kamala's place on the ticket represents the African-American experience.  It doesn't because she isn't — and blacks have noticed:

In a time when more Americans are buying guns than ever before, largely because they've noticed that the Democrats are destroying policing, Kamala is ferociously opposed to the Second Amendment:

"If Congress fails to send comprehensive gun safety legislation to Harris' desk within her first 100 days as president — including universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and the repeal of the NRA's corporate gun manufacturer and dealer immunity bill — she will take executive action to keep our kids and communities safe," her campaign website proudly touted. 

Even Biden, when he was less of a puppet than he is now, objected to Kamala's gun-grabbing plans by noting a little thing called the Constitution.  Kamala didn't care:

Last year, her stance might have been a selling point.  This year, it's probably not.  People might not like Kamala's position on the First Amendment, either:

Given that the most active Democrats are currently very hostile to the police, Kamala is also a strange choice.  Both as a San Francisco district attorney and a California attorney general, Kamala presided over offices that played fast and loose with the rules to lock people up, keep them locked up, keep them on death row, and use them as slave labor.  (Kamala defended herself against most of these charges by claiming she was ignorant about what was happening.  So she's either an unprincipled attorney or a lousy manager.)

Biden might be using Kamala to tell ordinary Americans that he won't allow the Black Lives Matter left to set criminal policy.  I doubt she can make that sale, but she'll surely offend the base.

There's also Kamala's affect.  She presents with a flat, Fran Drescher voice and a naggy, aggressive, snide personality.  One has to ask whether American voters want to see on the ticket a woman who reminds men of their hated ex-wife and women of the mother with whom they had issues.  While trading on being a woman, Kamala is unfeminine and would force American schools to let mentally ill boys compete on girls' sports teams.

Lastly, Kamala did horribly in the primaries.  Even the base doesn't like her.  If they didn't want her as a candidate for president, why would they want her as a candidate for "vice president who will almost certainly soon become president"?

Kamala offers the generic hard-left résumé (she's on board with every hard-left policy), but otherwise, she's impressively unimpressive.  When her former mentor and lover, the brilliant Willie Brown, isn't there to whisper in her ear, she's got nothing to offer, including nothing tying her to the black experience in America.

Image: YouTube screen grab.