How the NFL is shooting itself in the foot, over and over

The NFL is on the verge of precipitous decline due to a weakening of the three legs of the stool upon which the league's empire sits: attendance, viewership, and revenue.  All of these items are interrelated.  All three are being eroded.  Taken together, it is likely that the NFL has reached its high water mark and instead of expanding, as it dreams, the league will instead diminish in importance from here on out.  As to the underlying causes for the NFL's problems, start with the most glaring: the Wuhan virus.  In response to this pandemic, NFL games will be played in empty or near empty stadiums — that is, if the games are played at all.  The Big Ten and Pac-12 have already canceled their 2020 fall season, and other major collegiate conference may follow suit.  All it would take to foreclose on the 2020 NFL season is an outbreak of COVID-19 among a number of...(Read Full Post)
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