Here's a corrected headline for the New York Times on those jobs numbers

Here is the headline in the NYT that is being repeated throughout the media because they have to mislead the public in order to get the radical leftist agenda to destroy America in place. The U.S. economy gained 1.8 million jobs in July, but the pace showed a loss of momentum as reopenings faltered. Here is what the headline should be: In a tremendous surprise, jobs again soared despite a herculean effort by most of the media and other Democrats to scare the public into staying home  and by keeping businesses shut down. Less than 2% of the public have had a positive test for the virus, including a huge number with no symptoms or very minor symptoms.  (In my county, of more than 150,000 residents, we have a whopping seven people in two large hospitals with the virus, and we get a big article every day on how bad it is.)  In contrast, 100% of the public has been inflicted with draconian measures and endless reporting to scare...(Read Full Post)
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