'Hatch Act' howlings ring hollow

Most of the media and other Democrats are feigning outrage that the White House, or other federal buildings, are being used as a backdrop for events during the Republican convention and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made a speech for the RNC from Jerusalem while on official business. They claim that these things are violations of the Hatch Act which prohibits federal employees from campaigning on the public dime.

Obama’s brain, Valerie Jarrett, in a tweet said

The Hatch Act is a law designed to separate politics from public service. Those lines are being crossed tonight.

I know Valerie and other federal servants never crossed the line while Obama/Biden served. I am absolutely sure that nothing they did at the White House or in any other federal building or on Air Force One ever was political during the Obama/Biden or Clinton years.

I guess we are supposed to pay no attention to those five, count 'em, five Obama cabinet officials who spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Somehow Pompeo, a political appointee, is suddenly covered under the Hatch Act but those five Obama cabinet officials were not.

But the amazingly myopic double standard goes well beyond that.

It’s as if IRS employees didn’t target Obama opponents.

As if, bureaucrats at EPA, Justice and CFPB didn’t shake down corporations and establish slush funds which were used for political purposes and to pay kickbacks to political supporters.

As if State department funds and people weren’t used to interfere in Israel’s election.

As if Google executives didn’t essentially have an office at the White House during Obama’s eight years. I am sure they never crossed the line into anything political like the agenda.

As if a huge number of bureaucrats and taxpayer funds weren’t used at the Justice Department and Intelligence agencies to protect members of the Obama Crime Family, including Hillary Clinton, from prosecution while illegally spying on and targeting those around Trump in order to defeat him with no evidence, and then continuing the effort during the transition to destroy his presidency before he even took office.

As if no employees for Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress ever cross the lines while working at federal buildings on the public dime.

As if a huge number of federal bureaucrats don’t continually seek to push agendas and campaign for specific candidates, mostly Democrats, while slurping at the public trough.

I will anxiously await the outrage that Pelosi, Schumer, Dick Durbin and other swamp creatures stage a public protest at the Capitol building or Supreme Court as they feign outrage for something Trump or Supreme Court judges are doing.


The New York Times and Washington Post are clearly concerned because Obama, Biden and Jarrett never blurred the lines when he pushed his lies about Obamacare, pushed his lies about the Iran deal, dictatorially and unconstitutionally implemented DACA and made sure the right people were doing the investigations into Trump and Hillary.

Hillary and Biden never blurred the lines when they were enriching themselves and their families with kickbacks from foreign sources.

Kerry and Hillary never crossed the line as they caved to Iran, caved to Russia and sought to destroy America with the Paris climate accord but somehow Pompeo is a partisan. Hint: all cabinet members are partisan and political as they should be. They work for the president.

But here's the kind of outrage we are seeing from the paper of record:

Trump Leverages Powers of Office as He Seeks to Broaden Appeal

His program blurred the lines between campaigning and governing.

And this too from the 'democracy dies in darkness' bunch:

Trump uses powers of government in service of reelection, with pardoning and naturalization ceremonies

One of the persistent themes was a mingling of government with the Trump campaign, including addresses from two of his children taped at a government building and an unusual political endorsement from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered from an official overseas trip.The format bucked traditional norms of diplomacy and launched a House investigation into whether Pompeo violated the Hatch Act, a federal law that separates government functions from political ones — and a line that Trump and many of his aides have appeared to delight in blurring.

Think how much support Trump would get from the media if he just took away freedom of choice on health care, sought to destroy the economy in America with the green new deal, agreed to the Paris climate accord, sought to build up the dictators in Cuba, sought to build up the terrorist tyrants in Iran, refused to enforce the red line in Syria, refused to give defensive weapons to Ukraine to appease Putin, supported killing black and brown babies through abortion as fast as he can, took away freedom of choice for schools, refused to enforce immigration laws, wanted to raise taxes and increase regulations as fast as he can, sold uranium to Putin, took massive kickbacks from foreign sources for his family members, didn’t care that federal property was being destroyed by anarchists and Marxists who seek to break up the family,  supports moving towards socialism, sought to destroy white Christian boys for being pro-life, looked the other way as Democrat cities and businesses are destroyed, forced schools to allow boys into girls’ locker rooms and restrooms, dictatorially implemented immigration orders,  and also allowed cities and states to pick and choose what laws they would enforce. Trump would also be greatly admired if he didn’t care about all the women that the Clintons physically and mentally abused. They were disposable.

Think how little the media would care if Trump said something like blacks all think alike.

If Trump and Pence just gave in to the radical leftists’ agenda they would be described as a moderate to mislead the American people.

Feigned outrage about the Hatch Act is as fake as Russian collusion, systemic racism and white privilege. The race card is always played because the Democrat campaign workers posing as journalists don’t want the public to see the policies the Democrats would infect the public with.

The choice is getting easier every day.  

Image credit: Fox News YouTube screen shot


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