Federal judge orders 'compassionate release' for jihadist who confessed to plot to behead Pamela Geller

This is an outrageous instance of misplaced compassion.  Brooke Singman of Fox News reports:

federal judge on Thursday, citing the coronavirus pandemic, ordered the release, of a Rhode Island man who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for participating in a plot to behead conservative blogger Pamela Geller on behalf of the Islamic State.

U.S. District Judge for Massachusetts William Young on Thursday announced the release of 29-year-old Nicholas Rovinski, whose lawyers this week argued that due to his medical conditions, which include cerebral palsy and hypertension, he is vulnerable to serious illness from COVID-19.

Where is the compassion for Pamela?  (American Thinker readers know Pamela very well, for she has been a frequent contributor to our site and is a leading critic of violent jihad and those who promote it.)

Fox News video screen grab (cropped).

Her efforts to sponsor an exhibition of Mohammed cartoons in Dallas led to the plot to behead her.  At the exhibit, a jhadist attack led to two jihadis being killed by law enforcement.

Does Judge Young, a Reagan appointee who was born in 1940, 80 years ago, think jihad killers give up their goals after imprisonment?  Has he no compassion for someone threatened with the same sort of barbaric execution that ISIS — on whose behalf Rovinski plotted — regularly carried out?

Judge Young did not temporarily free Rovinski for the duration of the pandemic; he terminated the sentence to time served:

Young reduced Rovinski's sentence to time served, and ordered him to spend the next 10 years in home confinement with electronic monitoring, with the first six months in "strict home confinement."

Perhaps Judge Young thinks he is adequately protecting Pamela with home confinement, including six months of "strict home confinement," a term that suggests that the remaining nine and a half years will be lenient home confinement.  Would Judge Young be comfortable if he or his loved ones were under religious threat of beheading, and the avowed perpetrator was free to communicate with others to re-engage in a plot to behead them?

Judge Young also insisted that no appeal could delay the release:

Young also denied prosecutors' request to delay Rovinski's release for 30 days while they consider an appeal. Prosecutors argued that the decision is an outcome "most would find hard to fathom under the circumstances, especially in the absence of any concrete rationale for the result."

"We disagree with the court's decision to now nullify that sentence — after only five years — based on COVID concerns," U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling said in an emailed statement to the Associated Press.

"We realize that Rovinski has certain medical issues, but this does not justify releasing to 'home confinement' — after serving a mere third of his sentence — someone who willfully conspired to kill people for ISIS," he wrote.

Pamela Geller must now live in fear.  On her site, Gellerreport.com, she writes:  

How does Judge William Young know that Nicholas Rovinski won't try to murder me again? He doesn't. But he clearly doesn't care. The "compassion" in Rovinski's "compassionate release" is all for the perpetrator, not for his intended victim or others he might have killed in his jihad as well. Does Judge William Young not realize the gravity, the seriousness, the implications of freeing someone who plotted a beheading for a cartoon or piece of art that violated Islamic law? Does he not realize, or not care about, the freedom of speech? Maybe he doesn't. After all, it is under attack on numerous fronts today. Maybe William Young is one of those people who believe in the spurious concept of "hate speech," which is an entirely subjective thing, essentially a weapon of the powerful to smear and silence those who lack power.

The First Amendment is our most precious freedom — Rovinski should be serving life without the possibility of parole. Instead, he is on the streets again, as if he did nothing. The electronic monitoring is a joke, as is the home confinement. Last year a Muslim wearing an electronic tag killed a man in his deradicalization class and went out to wage jihad on the London Bridge. If Nicholas Rovinski participates in another plot to murder me, will Judge William Young be prosecuted?

Pray for Pamela's safety, for the federal judiciary is indifferent to her peril.

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