Did Joe Biden really deliver that speech live? Probably not

While all those on CNN and MSNBC were gushing with relief that Joe Biden got through his acceptance speech without any glaring gaffes except the nonsensical final line, conservatives were gobsmacked by the sheer vacuousness of it.

There are numerous excellent columns that accurately take the speech apart for its banality: Al Perrota at The StreamJohn Nolte's at BreitbartDaniel Greenfield at FrontpageMichael Goodwin at N.Y. PostDeborah Heine at American Greatness — she notes that Biden again repeated the lie that Trump praised neo-Nazis in Charlottesville.  His running mate, Kamala Harris, used the lie as well, and they both know, as does every member of the media, that it is not true.  As DiploMad noted, "Joe goes low and slow."

The DNC and their toadies in the media are only too happy to go low, as Michelle and Barack Obama certainly did in their convention speeches.  So dark and gloomy were the speakers at this virtual convention, one would think the United States was on the verge of being free and full of opportunities, which is exactly what they hope to prevent.  No, no, no...no liberty for Americans.  No equality of opportunity; there must be mandated equality of outcomes, as if that has worked anywhere in the world, wherever socialism has been imposed on human beings.  That truism has been lost on Harris, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the radicals who are pulling Biden's strings.  They are all in on the socialism they mean to foist upon all Americans. 

But was Joe's speech broadcast to us live, and just as delivered?  He was not in front of a live audience; he was behind a podium on a bare stage with all the flags and colorful background added digitally using the same technique — blue-screen — that TV weathermen use to stand in front of a weather map.  He was clearly reading every word from the teleprompter.  At least we know he can still read; he garbles some words, but he appeared to read it competently.

But did he read the whole speech from start to finish, 25 minutes, without any of his (in)famous flubs?  Not likely.  Even with skilled presenters, it is standard practice with prerecorded speeches and interviews to piece together multiple takes and trim out the mistakes, using an amazing editing tool that renders invisible all the edits removing pauses, umms, flubs, etc. from an interview or a speech, and to seamlessly piece together multiple takes of the speech.

The tool goes by various names depending on the film editing program: "Morph Cut" in Adobe's Premiere Pro, "Flow" in Apple's Final Cut Pro X, and "Smooth Cut" in BlackMagic Design's DaVinci Resolve.

Here's a description of how it works in DaVinci Resolve.

Was this technique used to stitch together a seemingly coherent acceptance speech?  It's difficult to believe that it would not have been.  It's a near certainty that the speech was pieced together from numerous takes to edit out all his flubs — made even while he's reading from a teleprompter.  In short, Biden's speech was most likely some elementary Hollywood magic — just as phony as his hair, his teeth, and his "moderation." 

Will the relatively few American people who watched what was an agreed upon snoozefest be fooled by the likely technical wizardry it took to make Biden seem sentient?  Some of them will, but CNN's Van Jones admitted that if he got through it without a major meltdown, he and his fellow Dems were primed to praise it as glorious and magnificent, which they did.

Magnificent it was not.  It was shallow gobbledygook about light and dark — light good, dark bad.  Deep and thoughtful it was not, any more than Jill Biden's little talk about love was anything but gooey and trivial.  If enough Americans fall for this claptrap, the country truly is lost, but hopefully they are not that dumb.

Most Americans know well enough that it is the Constitution that guarantees the freedoms we take for granted but that the left despises.  The Democrats have successfully abrogated the First Amendment; free speech is now effectively banned on college campuses and in the mainstream press.  They hope to eviscerate the Second Amendment.  Their platform includes defunding the police, the abolition of cash bail, abolition of prisons and ICE, open borders, free everything for all immigrants, none of whom would be deemed illegal.  They would be given living wages, free college tuition, free health care, benefits not available to America's poor and homeless. 

The left, per Cloward-Piven's prescription for the destruction of America as founded, means to bankrupt us beyond the twenty-one trillion in debt we have at this moment in time.  Joe's phony, massively edited insubstantial speech should be a warning to us all: a vote for Biden/Harris is well and truly a vote for the end of America.  Biden, in his diminished state, is a tool of the radical left, who are delighted by his mental infirmity.  For them, it is their ticket to ride, to attain the power over us all that they covet.

Image credit: Screen shot taken from a camera aimed at a television set, processed with BeCasso.

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