Devastating Trump campaign video portrays the dramatic mental decline of Joe Biden over the last few years

The Democrats are hiding their radical platform and the party's capitulation to the Sanders-AOC socialists and instead touting the personality and purported character of Joe Biden as a guarantor of moderation.

It's a phony appeal on two counts.  One is that the lefty rads are totally in control, and they know it.  They just have to keep a low profile and count on the media to hide them and their views.

But the other count is harder to conceal: Joe Biden's mental decline is severe.  Maybe they think they can limit his spontaneous interactions to interviews with Cardi B and People Magazine (which implies they will try to cancel the scheduled debates).  Alzheimer's is no joke, and a substantial portion of the public knows someone who has been afflicted, so people can recognize the symptoms when they see them in Biden.  And that's a big problem, because while Biden has his moments of lucidity, he also has offered plenty of evidence that he is not the same man he was five years ago.

The old gaffe-prone Biden was never the sharpest knife in the drawer, but the video below from the Trump campaign put the lie to the contention that his mental wandering off is just "Joe being Joe."  It is barely over a minute long:

"You can't beat somebody with nobody" is a political dictum (attributed to Jack Abramoff) that carries a lot of truth. By nominating a candidate whose mental capacity is rapidly falling, the Democrats are trying to beat somebody with nobody.  

This video argues against both counts of the Democrats' fraud.  Biden lacks the focus and energy to keep the radicals reined in, even if that were possible).  And his character, even if voters accept the fiction that it is sterling (ignoring his corruption in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere), now that nobody is home upstairs, it doesn't matter.  

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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