Dems no longer even bothering to hide their strategy to steal the election

The evidence now is overwhelming that the Democrats are planning to throw the nation into a deep crisis following Election Day, in a cynical plot to steal a presidential election, and with it, control of Congress.  The plan isn't even hiding in plain sight; it is trumpeted almost daily:

  1. Send out tens of millions of unsolicited mail ballots to everyone on voter rolls (that in most jurisdictions haven't been purged of those who died or moved).  We already know from the experience of Clark County, Nevada that 17% of the 1.3 million ballots sent to registered voters were "undeliverable," meaning available for harvesting and being voted by unscrupulous political operatives.
  2. When ballots start being counted, fiercely dispute and litigate any invalidation of suspicious or faulty ballots under the slogan of "count all votes" and complaints of "voter suppression."
  3. If Trump is going to carry the election, delay certification of enough states' results that Electoral College is unable to name a victor and hand the presidency to the speaker of the House, who they assume will be Nancy Pelosi.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton openly proclaimed the strategy for point 3, presuming that their media allies will short-circuit any public notice of their perfidy.

Of course, the violent BLM and Antifa wings of the Democrats will be mobilized to sow chaos in America's cities, inflicting pain on all, with the implicit threat that failure to let the Dems seize power will result in urban civil war.

This is seditious on its face.  This is why Nancy Pelosi yesterday pre-emptively accused the GOP of being domestic enemies, citing the oath of office taken by a president to oppose all enemies "foreign and domestic," because the GOP opposes the universal mail voting fraud plans of the Dems.

The goal of enacting a radical program of socialism, political repression of conservatives and flooding the voter rolls with a permanent majority for them by handing citizenship to as many as 20 million illegal aliens justifies any chicanery in their minds.  Only an overwhelming GOP victory, starkly evident on the night of November 3, amid the tears of alphabet TV network anchors, can short-circuit this detestable plan.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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