De Blasio's plan to destroy New York City is working wonderfully

It's no longer news that, once the Wuhan virus descended on New York City, the rich did what rich people always have down when plague appears: they packed up their goods and their money and left for comfortable country homes where they could wait out the disease.

The New Yorkers who remained in the city ranged from the upper-middle-class down to the homeless.  Mayor Bill de Blasio then had the bright idea to bring these two classes together, something that's working out about as well as you would expect.  It's also a preview of coming attractions for the rest of America should Biden win the White House and Democrats take full control of Congress.

The last time Democrats had their way with New York City, back in the 1960s through the 1980s, they reduced that vibrant city to a dirty, crime-ridden ghost of itself.  The city turned around beginning in 1994 when Republican Rudy Giuliani took over.  His successor, Michael Bloomberg, governed as a Republican and managed to keep New York City safe and functioning.  Then Bill de Blasio came along.

The downward slide that started when de Blasio assumed the mayor's office has become a free fall this summer, a casualty of de Blasio's waltz with the Wuhan virus.  As Monica Showalter has written, Governor "Killer" Cuomo, whose policies slaughtered thousands of elderly people in nursing homes, and Mayor "Trotsky" de Blasio, who's systematically driving out the rich, are engaged in a power struggle with a hapless New York City caught between these two leftist narcissists.

Cuomo is still sufficiently connected to reality to try to stem the outflow of the city's super-rich, who are responsible for 50% of NYC's tax base.  The mayor, however, is saying the equivalent of "good riddance to bad rubbish."  When he says he doesn't like rich people, de Blasio isn't kidding.

Having rid the city of half of its tax base, de Blasio is now working on pushing out the second tier of taxpayers, those affluent people who live in the city's Upper West Side.  As part of his plan, de Blasio is moving homeless people into the Upper West Side's luxury hotels, all of which have been sitting empty for months:

Hundreds of homeless people who have been put up in luxury hotels on Manhattan's Upper West Side by the city as part of its efforts to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in shelters are terrifying residents by urinating, sleeping and taking drugs in the streets.  

In July, it emerged that 139 of the city's iconic hotels — which had been forced closed for months — had agreed to take in homeless people for $175 per person, per night as part of a scheme by the city to try to avoid a breakout of COVID-19 in homeless shelters. 

San Francisco has already discovered that mentally ill, drug-addicted homeless people are not good hotel guests.  Worse, in NYC, by moving some homeless into hotels, de Blasio managed to attract large numbers of other homeless people to the streets and hotels of the Upper West Side:

A Facebook group, in which residents have shared pictures of men urinating, masturbating and laying [sic] sprawled out on sidewalks near the hotels, has been set up and there are other complaints on Twitter. 


Local residents have reported seeing fights, have been verbally abused or harassed, seen people spitting — despite the ongoing pandemic — and have also seen people looking for, or using drugs.

Nearly 300 homeless drug and alcohol addicts have reportedly been living at the Lucerne alone since last week, with one homeless man — Angel Ortiz, 60 — telling The Post 'whatever drug you can imagine is done there.'

Meanwhile, according to the same article, "[t]rash has been accumulating across New York City after the budget of the sanitation department was cut by more than $100 million."  The New York Post also graphically describes just some of the sex offenders now planted near playgrounds and schools, almost certainly violating state law.

If you want to see what one of America's finest cities looks like under the tender, loving care of a hardcore Marxist, you have to check out the photographs in this Daily Mail article.

People have called de Blasio incompetent, but he's not.  His governance is entirely in line with his ideology — and his ideology is what is now powering the Biden campaign.

Everyone knows that Biden will not be president even if he wins.  Instead, the country will be run by people aligned with Bernie's openly communist policies — people just like de Blasio.  New York, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco — with each of these cities, you're getting a sneak preview of the American future the Democrat party has planned for the rest of us.

Image: Homeless in New York by bakerfishsticks, CC BY-ND 2.0.