'DACA Nancy' up in arms

Eight years ago, President Obama signed DACA by executive order, and then House minority leader Nancy Pelosi was thrilled.  Now Speaker Pelosi has a problem with a president issuing executive orders when Congress stalls on passing a solution.

It would have been better if Congress and the president had worked together.  Unfortunately, the Democrats were not really interested.

Overall, it was a brilliant political move by President Trump, as Stephen Moore wrote:

Trump's four executive actions do many of the things that the Democrats have been agitating for: it gets money to hard-working people via a suspension of the payroll tax. This means a 7.5% boost in take-home pay for every worker making $100,000 or less for the rest of the year. It is legal and popular with voters.

Most important, it puts the Democrats on defense — especially Joe Biden.

The Democrats, and I assume Biden, want billions to "help" (actually bail out) many blue states and cities.  They want billions for states poorly managed and weighed down by public-sector unions.

I'm sure all of this will end up in the courts.  In the meantime, people who need money will get some soon.

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